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Are you familiar with the term nootropic?  If not, let me give you the goods on what that means.

The term ‘nootropic’ is a fairly new term and that name was coined by a guy by the name of Corneliu Giurgea, a chemist from Romania.  That word nootropics was meant to describe certain compounds that could ‘turn the mind’ so to speak.  

He said that for any substance to be put in the category of a nootropic, it must have these 5 abilities:

  1. Enhance memory and learning ability,
  2. Help the brain function under disruptive conditions,
  3. Protect the brain from harmful chemical damage,
  4. Improve neuronal firing mechanisms, and
  5. Lack any sedative, stimulant or toxic effects.


CDP choline benefits

Here at Smart Drugs Nootropics I write about these exciting substances, some of which have actually been used for thousands of years.  Many are synthetic and many are natural and all have one or more of the abilities listed above.

You maybe have come across the name nootropics and are curious of what this is all about.  You may be an experienced nootropic user looking for information on a certain nootropic.


I try to have it all here, but if I don’t, you can be sure more is on the way.  Also, I have all of the products I talk about for sale.  Smart Drugs Nootropics, along with providing you with information sells nootropics as an affiliate for certain vendors and I collect a percentage of each sale.