8 Amazing Maritime Pine Bark Benefits

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Introduction to Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Today I’m going to talk about 8 amazing benefits of Maritime Pine bark.  If you are reading this and say to yourself “I’ve never heard of Maritime Pine Bark before” then you wouldn’t be alone.  It is fairly new to the world of nootropics, but after you read this article you will surely know it won’t unheard of for long.

I think a brief “what is Maritime Pine Bark” blurb is in order before going on any further.  You’ve got to know what this is exactly first.

It is the bark of a tree.  Specifically, a species is originally known as Pinus Pinaster and originally found around the Southern European coastal areas.  Nowadays you can find it in parts of South America, the US and the UK.  They are a fairly decent size coming in at up to 35 meters tall and a diameter of up to 1.8 meters wide.

It is a very hearty tree growing in poor quality soil and even sandy soil so is very prevalent where it is found.benefits of maritime pine bark

Although it was originally used to treat scurvy and then as a nootropic because basically of its extremely potent antioxidant property.  It is now well known to improve our cognition, memory and it foray into reducing ADHD symptoms.

Not only does it have great benefits for our brains, but in other areas as well.  It is very effective in regulating HTN (hypertension) and diabetes.  Athletes have reason to use it as well as it can increase stamina and endurance as well as joint benefits.

The extract that is taken from the bark of the tree contains a very specific blend of antioxidants called oligomeric proanthocyanidin compounds.  We can call them OPCs for short. These OPCs really are important to us as they give the Maritime Pine bard it best benefits for us.

These antioxidants are essential for us, but they go farther than to attack free radicals.  They have great antiviral properties, great antibacterial properties, anti-ageing, anticarcinogenic, anti-allergenic, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits Of Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Improves Cognitive Performance and Brain Function

People who take this pine bark extract seem to have better memory, decision making, focus, and mood.  Multiple studies do suggest it does have brain-boosting power.  A study which took place over a 12 week period used 60 participants who where 30 were given the pine bark extract daily and 30 who were given a placebo showed promising results.

After the 12 week period, the participants given the maritime pine bark extract showed an improvement of 30.4% in the decrease of free radicals and showed improvement in alertness, memory, improved spatial memory, anxiety, and contentedness. [1]

One other study dealt with the pine bark extract effects on working memory.  They used 101 participants in a double-blind placebo-controlled study.  Some participants were given 150mg/day of the extract for a period of three months.  Some were given a placebo.  The results were as follows, those taking the extract developed a better working memory the ones taking the placebo did not. [2]


Helps Increase Athletic Performance

Pine bark has been extensively studied of late on its effects on exercise performance. Oxidative stress and inflammation due to exercise have been a focus of research.  That research shows us that Maritime Pine Bark extract does provide an increase in the endurance of trained athletes.  How does it do this?

The extract increases the time it takes for our body to fatigue by increasing serum NAD+ levels.  Athletes benefit from a lower rate of cramping and of muscle pain. [3]

In another study conducted on 147 volunteer recreational athletes, endurance levels were tested.  The athletes were given 100mg or pine bark extract over an eight-week training program and it was found that they had improved their endurance levels.  Professional athletes who were training for a triathlon were given 150mg/day and improved their overall time, enhancing the swimming, cycling, and running scores while also reducing muscle cramps and pain. [4]


Boosts Nitric Oxide (NO)Production

Oligomeric proanthocyanidin compounds (OPC) also boost production of Nitric Oxide.  Our blood vessels need Nitric Oxide to function properly.  NO allows them to dilate and keep their optimum blood pressure.  Blood vessels release NO through the endothelium and once that has been released NO relaxes the vessels allowing them to expand.  As a result, more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood get to our brain as well as the rest of our bodies.

Now that we have more oxygen-rich blood getting to our brains, Different areas of the brain not receiving optimum blood flow now have what is needed.  A benefit of this is that age-related cognitive decline caused by blood vessel degeneration may be able to be prevented or at a minimum, delayed.


Reduces Inflammation

This Maritime Pine Bark extract is pretty fantastic when talking about antioxidants.  What that means is that antioxidants, in general, go after free radicals to get rid of them.  The extract contains a very specific blend of antioxidants called oligomeric proanthocyanidin compounds.

Scientist in Turkey conducted studies on patients who were going to have abdominal surgery.  What they wanted to determine was if the OPCs could reduce inflammation.  The patients were given the extract for ten days.  After the study, the results concluded significant and better healing as compared to those who did not receive another drug.  The conclusion from these studies shows us that this extract can be effective in the healing of surgery-related lesions [5]


Maritime Pine Bark Extract and Diabetes

Pine bark extract has been studied with regard to its ability to help diabetic patients and can help people suffering from diabetes.  It slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and thus reduces blood sugar levels.  This is potentially good news for those suffering from diabetes.

A study was conducted in China by the Guang An Men Hospital of Chinese Medical Science Research Institute.  The study used  77 people with type II diabetes to determine if the extract of the French Maritime pine bark provided anti-diabetic effects.  The participants were given 100mg of Pycnogenol (which is a branded form of pine bark extract) for 12 weeks along with regular diabetic treatments.

The results showed that the participants taking the extract showed significantly lower blood glucose levels and much improved endothelial function.  The placebo group did not.  Therefore it was concluded that diabetes treated by Pycnogenol could be a benefit.

Just how Pycnogenol improves blood sugar in type II diabetes is not completely clear. Insulin production does not seem to be increased.


Helps Prevent Hearing Loss and Balance

Ototoxicity is, quite simply, ear poisoning, which is a result of exposure to drugs or chemicals that damage the inner ear or the vestibulocochlear nerve.  This is the nerve responsible for sending balance and hearing signals from the ear to the brain.

A study done in 2014 and published in the Jue issue of  Minerva Medica showed that taking Pycnogenol, the extract from the Maritime Pine Bark tree does improve significantly inner ear blood flow.  This could be a great option for those suffering from Meniere’s disease.  The results showed that nearly 90% of patients were completely free of all inner ear symptoms within a six month period.  This is really a big deal considering just how debilitating Meniere’s disease can be.


Respiratory Health

Used as an antihistamine, it can support healthy respiratory function and reduces edema or swelling.

This can help children with asthma as well as other allergies such as hay fever or an allergy to dust or grass.

In a trial which included 60 children suffering from asthma, 16 out of the 30 children who took the extract were able to stop using their inhaler after taking 1mg of Pycnogenol for 3 months.   This is only just over 50% but may show promise.


Decreases in Erectile Dysfunction

Stress in our everyday lives increases every year.  There are thousands of different medications for us to take for just about everything.  Problem is, many drugs have side effects including erectile dysfunction.  Daily stress has a big effect on us psychologically and can cause erectile dysfunction.

In Japan, a study was done using 60mg ofMaratime Pine Bark extract combined with 690 mg of L-arginine over a period of 2 to 4 months that showed that it may be a great natural alternative with good results.

The study showed that the sperm concentration greatly increased after about eight to 16 weeks of the treatment, to include improved orgasmic function. No side effects were noted. (6)

According to a Japanese study, the combination of Pycnogenol and L-arginine may produce the results you’re looking for, making the bedroom a much happier place. Forty-seven Japanese men with mild erectile dysfunction were given supplementation L-arginine and French maritime pine bark extract over a period of time. The studies revealed that the sperm concentration greatly increased after about eight to 16 weeks of treatment, to include improved orgasmic function. No side effects were noted, unlike its synthetic counterpart. (7)


Side Effects of Maritime Pine Bark

There are no known side effects to taking this supplement at the recommended dosages.  Symptoms of dizziness, headache, or digestive upsets have been reported, but from those new to taking it or from those taking it at much higher than the suggested dose.

Anyone taking immune suppressants should not take this or speak to your physician first

If you are diabetic, stay with the suggested dose, speak to your physician first.  Maritime Pine Bark can lower blood sugar levels so this is important.


How to Use Pine Bark Extract

Pine bark extract is sold as a liquid, tablet or capsule form and should contain 85-90% OPCs. You can also find it as creams, lotions or ointments, containing 0.5-2% of the bark extract.

Here are some basic guidelines as reported by WebMD:

  • For allergies: 50 milligrams twice daily.
  • For asthma in children: 1 milligram per pound of body weight given in two divided doses.
  • For poor circulation: 45–360 milligrams daily or 50–100 milligrams three times daily.
  • For diseases of the retina, including those related to diabetes: 50 milligrams three times daily.
  • For mild high blood pressure: 200 milligrams daily.
  • For improving exercise capacity in athletes: 200 milligrams daily.


To Wrap it UP

There has been a lot of very detailed research into Maritime Pine Bark and as a result, there are a lot of health benefits for many people. It offers some amazing health benefits particularly because it is high in powerful antioxidants. They stretch from diabetes and sexual function to sports performance.

If you would like to try it as an ingredient in a great commercial nootropic stack with tremendous benefits. I recommend Mind Lab Pro.  It is a great stack for those new to nootropics as well as the experienced.

Mind Lab Pro is one of the best universal nootropic stacks available on the market today.

If your physician says you can safely take it, and you’re looking for a cognitive boost over the long term, I give it a thumbs up.

9 thoughts on “8 Amazing Maritime Pine Bark Benefits”

  1. Wow! what a thorough review on Pine Bark, I had never heard of it before this review and I am now making it my mission to find this stuff locally. Im new too Nootropics but Im most interested in athletic performance and focus, looks like Pine Bark helps with both 🙂 Do you know any other Nootropics that provide Athletic and Cognitive boosts ?

    • All nootropics provide some sort of cognitive boosts because that is partially what they are.  As far as athletic performance you should try L-tyrosine or Rhodiola Rosea.

  2. Ok yes, I am going to say that I’ve never heard of maritime pine bark extract before.I would have never thought that consuming pine bark would be healthy for you.

    Anything that reduces inflammation interests me because it is the root of all evil when it comes to diseases and ailments.I have type 2 diabetes and I’m on top of everything that reduces inflammation.

    But I am impressed by what maritime pine bark extract can do!I’m seriously looking into this if it can help me with one thing.Can it help lower blood sugars and treat type 2 diabetes?

    • Studies have shown that it can lower blood sugar, but you should see your physician first.

      Thanks for the comment and question.  I appreciate it

  3. Okay!  I am loving your site!  This looks like something that might help me.  I have been trying various products, besides having to continually take steroids for inflammation in my ears.  This causes me to have drastically reduced hearing and then of course, leads to depression for me.  I am at an age where I feel I am way too young to have such diminished hearing.  It comes and goes.  I hate the side affects of steroids, so this is most definitely worth a shot!  Thanks for the great information on Maritime Pine Bark!

  4. Wow, for something I have never heard of, Maritime Pine Bark sure has a lot of benefits. I have been looking into ways to treat my allergies naturally, I might have to give this a try. I hate the way over the counter allergy medicines make me feel. 

    I like that you can get this in different forms, some people (my kids) do not like taking pills and prefer liquids. 

  5. i know of pine bark a few years ago. The only thing I don’t know is the all round versatility of this natural nootropic. The cognitive boost is a amazing quality for a natural substance that is available in abundance. This review really did well to carefully point out even the chemical composition and active ingredients. Thanks 

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