Adrafinil Review

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Introduction to Adrafinil

The popular nootropic Adranifil is well known To promote wakefulness and alertness [1].  It gives you increased energy, reduces your fatigue and brain fog.  It also will improve your cognitive adrafinil review

function, your concentration, and your memory.  In my Adrafinil review, I will cover important benefits, safety, dosages etc for you to make an informed decision.

At first glimpse, this is a pretty all in one nootropic for anyone studying such as students, or anyone who just needs that extra overall cognitive boost throughout their day.

Adrafinil originally is a nootropic developed for narcolepsy sufferers, for sleep apnea, and people working shifts.  It allows the user to maintain their cognitive performance for longer and not become drowsy [2] and maintain their efficiency and a high degree of work.

It may also be able to improve your mood and learning ability all the while keeping your brain healthy [3].

Adrafinil is what we call a prodrug.  A prodrug is an inactive compound that gets converted into an active drug once ingested.  In this case, Adrafinil is converted into Modafinil which is a stimulant that will increase your wakefulness while keeping anxiety in check [4].

Even though Noopept is active Adrafinil, only a portion of Adrafinil is converted into Modafinil which means to achieve the same effect of Modafinil you will need to take more.

How Does Adrafinil Work?

Adrafinil acts on the adrenergic system which is a part of our nervous system that releases adrenaline, thus the name adrenergic.

Once it is converted into Modafinil in the liver it becomes an adrenergic receptor agonist increasing your hypocretin.  Hypocretin is a neurotransmitter and is responsible for the wakefulness Adranifil is known for.  Now, by doing this, your dopamine, histamine, and norepinephrine levels become increased.  This is where Adranifil’s energy boost comes from.

To get the cognitive performance you are after, Adrafinil inhibits dopamine and glutamine from breaking down.

On another note, Adrafinil increases your Seratonin levels which are associated with sleep so you have an improvement in your sleep.

Most users begin to feel the effects of adrafinil 60-90 minutes after ingesting it, as it needs this time to become absorbed in your system and metabolized by the liver.

The typical peak time for performance is between hours 2-4 after ingestion, meaning you will likely feel alert and focused 2-4 hours after taking it. In this case, if you are planning on using adrafinil for studying or in-class focus, you will want to take it 1-2 hours prior.

Benefits of Taking Adrafinil


Cognitive Enhancement

One of the great effects of Adrafinil is its ability to enhance our cognition.  There have been a few studies on this resulting in the belief of Adrafinil as a nootropic.

One study, double-blind placebo-controlled study to be exact involved 100 volunteers that were 65 years old or older.  These people were selected because they complained of vigilance problems that were affecting their lives.  The result was the group who took Adranifil were happier and less sleepy as well as had improved their cognition, attention, and recall.  Those taking the placebo did not experience these improvements [5].

Another study was done on humans, 548 of them to be exact and each of them had trouble with concentration and attention.  The group taking Adranifil had a significant improvement in their attention, memory, and as a result, their daily activities [6].


Wakefulness Without Side Effectsadrafinil review

Because Adrafinil changes our Neuro chemistry it gives us feelings of alertness and feeling more awake while reducing our fatigue.  This is a big selling point for Adrafinil.

When we sleep poorly we end up sleep deprived and we feel fatigued during our day.  Many times this is unavoidable and inevitable so something to help us to stay awake is very helpful.  This is where Adranifil can come in.

Adrafinil is as potent as amphetamine when talking about its wakefulness properties, but it lacks the anxiety, elevated heart rate, and anxiety typically associated with amphetamines [7].

Us army had a study that showed Modanifil did significantly reduce the effects of sleep deprivation on healthy volunteers.

Pilots were given modafinil during a 40 hour period when they had no sleep and performing very demanding tasks.  Results showed reduced slow-wave EEG activity and less self-reported problems stemming from sleep deprivation such as poor mood and loss of alertness as compared with those who took the placebo.


Adrafinil as a Neuroprotectant

Adrafinil in its active form shows the ability to be a positive neuroprotectant.  It helps in keeping your brain cells healthy and intact.  It may even slow degenerative processes that are commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease [8].


Adrafinil may increase energy

Adrafinil has the ability to increase your physical energy and cognitive energy.  Studies have been done albeit on rats, but the data is promising.  Rats given Adrafinil increased their locomotion and their physical energy output [9].

When Adrafinil was given to dogs, there were similar results.  They were more physically active and not more fatigued than the placebo group [10].


ReducesDepression Symptoms

Many studies have been done on this including this double-blind random controlled trial.  471 adult volunteers where given Adrafinil and had their symptoms of depression lowered [9].


Who Uses Adrafinil?

Adrafinil’s best benefit is as a wakeful agent so it won’t come as any surprise that students use it to get a burst of energy to get through the long study hours they have.

It’s not just students who benefit from Adrafinil, it’s anyone needing a boost to stay awake such as shift workers.

If you are an athlete, stay away from Adrafinil because it is a banned substance by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)



Side Effects of Adrafinil

If you are familiar with Modanifil, then you will be familiar with the side effects of Adrafinil because they are pretty similar to each other.

Insomnia is a common side effect although I would hesitate to call it a side effect.  Adrafinil is a wakefulness nootropic first and foremost yet some take it too close to their bedtime and have a hard time falling asleep complaining of insomnia.  Don’t take Adrafinil close to your bedtime and you won’t have insomnia, simple.

A reduced appetite is another side effect of the nootropic.  This is a common effect of these types of nootropics, but many find it wears off after a while when your body gets used to it.

Anxiety and being irritable are others.  If you are an anxious person or irritable, Adrafinil may enhance these feelings in you.


Adrafinil Dosage

If you have read this so far you will know that Adrafinil is converted into Modafinil in the liver and some of it is destroyed during this process.  This means a larger dose of Adrafinil is needed than would Modafinil.

Dosages are:

  • generally a 300-900mg range
  • If using Adrafinil for narcolepsy, a dose of 600mg twice/day is recommended

The interaction with liver enzymes makes it necessary to only take Adrafinil 2 to 3 times per week and no more than for 5 months at a time.


Cycling Adrafinil

This certainly is a nootropic that we mus cycle.  A good cycle would be to take it 3 times/week for two weeks and then take one week off.  From there, take it 3 times per week for one week only followed by one week off.


Common Adrafinil Stacks


Noopept Plus Adrafinil

Adrafinil will help keep you awake when you need to be.  If you want to enhance your focus and memory during these times, you can stack Adrafinil with Noopept.

  • 10-30mg Noopept 3 times/day
  • 150mg Adrafinil in the morning together with your first dose of Noopept.  This will be your only dose of Adrafinil for the day.

Adrafinil And Caffeine Stack

We all know what caffeine does to us as s stimulant, but you can build up a tolerance to caffeine.  Since so many people have a few or more cups of coffee a day, many are experiencing tolerance and don’t even know it.  Stacking caffeine and Adrafinil will get you what you are not getting from caffeine alone anymore.

  • 200-300mg of Adrafinil in the morning
  • a coffee or 200mg of caffeine supplement


A Great Study Stackadrafinil review

Here we have some options, but we have to be careful.  In post-secondary school (college/university) time spent studying is brutal for success.  Many nights people spend studying until morning, all nighter it is called if you don’t know.  If you have to pull all-nighters, these may be for you

  • Adrafinil: for wakefulness 150mg
  • Caffeine: reduce sleepiness 150mg
  • Pramiracetam: For better uptake of choline and a more enhanced memory recall 100mg
  • L-Theanine: For reducing your stress and anxiety so you can relax better when studying 50mg


A word of advice here.  If you are going to try this for the first time, lower the dosages, find out how you feel and up your dosages slowly, but no higher than what is suggested above.


Where to Buy Adrafiniladrafinil review

When it comes to your supplements you need to look at quality.  Due to the lack of control, you can get a bottle full of nothing if you aren’t buying from a reputable supplier.

The one I recommend is The Nootropics Depot.  They have quality ingredients, a great selection and proper customer service.  Click here to get your Adranifil from them or click on the bottle to the right.


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