Alpha GPC Review

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Introduction to Alpha GPC


Alpha GPC Review: Alpha GPC Choline or by its longer name L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine is a natural compound of choline that helps to increase the amount of choline available to your brain. It delivers choline to your brain by bypassing the blood-brain barrier.

It is most commonly found in red meat including organ tissues, cheese; especially cream cheese., eggs, bananas, oat bran, and beer. Because the quantity in food is well below what would be effective, Supplemental A-GPC is produced in the lab from eggs or Soy lecithin.

The chemical structure of Alpha GPC Choline is this. It is a normal choline molecule that is bounded by glycerol.  It is one of a three cholines we talk about.  I have a scientific post called Best Choline Nootropic – Understanding the Differences comparing the three to give you an idea of which would be best for you


Benefits are many

Choline is an important nutrient that is necessary for things like

  • Improves immediate recall, reaction time, and mood
  • Improved attention
  • Protects brain cells and membranes
  • Supports optimal brain function
  • Decreases symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease brain injuries, stroke, vascular dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Helps body create more Acetylcholine, which makes learning and retaining new information easier.
  • Help your muscles work better during exercise allowing easier gain in muscle strength.
  • It helps your body produce more growth hormone, so that your bones and muscles grow strong and remain healthy.

If you increase the amount of choline available to your brain, you will have an easier time with learning and remembering new things, as well as a variety of other brain health benefits that can improve your life as a whole.

With regard to attention, if you combine Alpha GPC with coffee or caffeine supplements it increases reaction times and attention levels in those under stress.

Athletes are at times interested in alpha-GPC due to its ability to enhance growth hormone production (of which only acute spikes have been reported so far, so it may fall to the same problems that arginine has on growth hormone) and to enhance power output, which has one pilot study in support of 600 mg alpha-GPC prior to exercise. Although ergogenic properties of alpha-GPC cannot be ruled out and look promising, it requires more evidence.

The list of benefits is long and quite significant, but if you really want to maximize its potential stack (combine) it with other nootropics. Adding additional choline will increase cognitive enhancement of other nootropics such as Huperzine A,Phosphatidylserine, and Caffeine.

Consumer Review

‘I find Alpha GPC Choline to be absolutely amazing both my wife and myself use it daily. We started using it in small doses and the improvement in focus and memory is clear. We then up our doses to eight caps a day and well that did not disappoint it just improved even more. So we highly recommend this product to anyone needing a boost in their memory and focus.’


Proper Dose and Frequency of Use

I have said in many other articles regarding medications and supplements that is very important to know the proper Alpha gpc reviewdosage instructions to achieve what you want. That is found on the product label. Generally speaking a daily dose from 300-600mg are to be expected on the labels. If you want to go higher than that, you can, but I would exercise caution if you close in on 1200mg per day.

For the usage of alpha GPC reduce symptoms of cognitive decline, almost all studies suggest a dosage of 1200 mg per day, divided into three doses of 400 mg.

For regular usage, frequency is not as important as how much, but still to be cautious about. If you want to take it only once a day which may be preferred if you have other medications to keep track of take it in the morning because of its stimulant properties however you may find its effects wearing off as the day goes long. If you choose to take it multiple times per day you may expect better results. Alpha GPC’s half-life is between 4-6 hours.

You can see by what I have written above about how frequent you take it effects the results you wish from the supplement. As always if you read my other articles I encourage you to consult with your physician before you begin to use it. This is out of an abundance of caution and a piece of mind that you are doing the right thing.

Side Effects?

Alpha GPC is generally considered to be very safe and very well tolerated by healthy adults, but some have experienced sided effects. These are headaches, gastrointestinal problems, nausea, fatigue, and nervousness. These side effects are most often found in those who taking higher dosages.

Another more serious side effect associated with taking Alpha GPC is dizziness and low blood pressure. Please do not take it or at least consult your physician if you have history of hypotension or syncopal episodes.

Alpha GPC is known to interact with scopolamine, Scopolamine is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness or from anesthesia given during surgery. Those using scopolamine are advised to consult a physician before taking alpha GPC.

Pregnant women or women planning to get pregnant should refrain from taking Alpha GPC as no real studies have been done to say if there is any effect on the fetus.


Where can I buy Alpha GPC powder online?

Supplements are a huge industry these days and therefore they can be purchased online at vendors considered safe such as Notropics Depot and Ebay. You can also find it your local supplement store however you will probably pay much more than you would at the afore mentioned vendors.

If you prefer the supplement in powder form go to Ebay for different powder brands. As far as Canada and the USA your sources would once again be Amazon or Ebay.

Alpha GPC is available without a prescription as a dietary supplement in the US and Canada. In some European countries, it is regulated as a prescription drug and used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Consumer Review

‘After reading an article about supplement recommendations for MTHFR mutations, which I have, I was intrigued about the importance of Choline. So, I started taking Double Wood Alpha GPC, and I was amazed with the results. Previous to taking Alpha GPC, I was becoming very forgetful, and I felt that my strength was fading. After taking the supplement for several weeks, I noticed my cognitive function improving, and my strength improved as well. I am very pleased with this supplement.’



Alpha GPC is a safe, well-tolerated, and highly effective nootropic.

This supplement has been studies and researched for many decades and is known around the world as a very powerful memory enhancer especially in Russia and throughout Europe where it is routinely prescribed by physicians.

It’s been the subject of decades of research and is recognized worldwide as a powerful memory enhancer, prescribed by physicians throughout Europe and Russia for a variety of memory and cognitive disorders.

If you’re interested in a supplement that’s affordable, readily available, and has well-documented benefits for both brain and body, alpha GPC supplementation may be worth a try.

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  1. This supplement sounds like it would be good for my brother because he tends to lose focus pretty easily sometimes- and he is healthy so he would be eligible to use it.

    Does this supplement have any affect on other medication? Does it mix badly and create extra side effects that you know of? 

    Great post, thanks for writing this review 🙂

    • Not usually, but if you take a lot of prescription medications it is always best to check with your physician first.  I say that for any medication not just Alpha GPC

  2. This is interesting, I’m glad they have a short cut name for it lol. I have heard common supplements for bones, muscles and other common parts of the body, but I have never heard a supplement for the brain. I think a lot of people actually needs this including myself and a lot of our family members. Will definitely ask my doctor about this and see if this is something I can take. Thank you for sharing. Very informative.

  3. I love supplements.especially the one that can help me perform better. With all these technologies I get distracted so easily and I find myself several times to be forgetting what I was going to do or was going to say something to someone. (shapely it was like a split 5 seconds after where did my attention span go?!) I would love to give this product a try thanks for the review. However, I am just a little concern bout the side effects, we will see, it is best to consult my doctor first. 

    Happy holidays

    • The side effects are fairly minimal and are most often associated with those who take the higher dosages around 1200mg regularly.  If you stay around 600mg you should be fine

  4. Hi, so choline is (I quote): “It is most commonly found in red meat including organ tissues, cheese; especially cream cheese., eggs, bananas, oat bran, and beer.”?


    Give me three pounds of “red meat”, some bananas and “two beers”. YUMMY!

    One of the benefits you mentioned was “Supports optimal brain function”, I know that this is a VERY IMPORTANT factor for anyone wanting to lead a fulfilling life so I think you have just made me a follower of “Choline”.

    Thanks for telling me about amazon and ebay, I’ll go there and see if I can’t pick up some Choline and see if I like the taste of it.

    David Kellas

  5. Thank you for writing this review.  Lately I have been considering how my diet effects my memory and mood.    Prior to today, I was not familiar with GPCs.    Your list of foods in which they are naturally occurring was beneficial.   

    I did have one question.  Is it beneficial to combine Alpha GPC with coffee or a caffeine supplement?  I was not really sure what you meant by “it increases reaction times and attention levels to those under stress.” 

     I am a big coffee drinker, I would like to make certain that I understand what you are saying.   

    Thanks in advance.  

    • Often those under stress have other things on their mind or are overwhelmed.  The mind makes proper decisions much slower.  So mixing caffeine in helps counter this.

  6. Very interesting…I tend to either drink wheatgrass juice or clay water for increased memory function.  I also find MSM gives vivid dream recall.  I notice that I am more alert and remember my dreams better.

    I am also a fan of avocado smoothies that are vegetable based. For the record, I have started taking Arginine supplements and find they also give vivid dream recall.  I do enjoy my dreams!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I can honestly say I have never heard of the alhpa GPC supplements before reading this. I am now interested as I am a full time working mom with two young kids at home. Getting extra focus for the day would be a great investment.
    If you choose to take it once a day, would you recommend staying with a smaller dose since it has a short half life?

    • Well, if you do take it once a day it will inevitably wear off and you will may want to take it again. Being a father of 2 young kids, twice a day is for me. 🙂

  8. WOOOW, I had absolutely no idea that Choline was so incredibly beneficial for the brain and mental performance. I mean I knew that it was important as a nutrient to be acquired through supplementation, but I had no clue it was so remarkable as a substance. I’ll definitely need to get way more of it than my multivitamin provides.

    And I love the fact that the benefits of it does not stop there. The improved production the growth hormone and improved muscle function – it just overall makes it a busted substance. Really no reason to refuse the consumption of such containing supplement. 

    Above all the research is indeed fascinating (was eager to get some studies in before actually ordering). 🙂

    Sincerely thank you for all the insights and raising my awareness of how incredibly awesome Choline is!

    Cheers and have a Great One!


  9. I have just doubled my krill oil supplements to get more daily choline but I see that won’t compare with the product you have described. That is very interesting, how it’s been formulated for better brain power.

    We all want more of that don’t we?

    I am so glad to see that this is readily available. There is so much in the world nowadays to keep up with, or block out. We, most of us, need an extra boost!

    Nootropics is an interesting field and I will be reading more of your site!

  10. This is great info, you broke it down and explained everything beautifully. Now that I know of the existence of such an amazing product, I hope to try it.

    The question I have though is : Can this product be used on children? If yes what is the dosage?

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • These are never a good thing as are most supplements and over the counter medications to give to children.  Children are growing and so are their brains.  We don’t know the long term effects of these on children so I would definitely say no

  11. Thank you for sharing this post, it is informative. You explained everything nicely. Now that I know of the existence of such an amazing product, I hope to try it after consultation with my doctor. A little memory and focus boost is not bad.

    Thanks for the review, it is enlightening.  I look forward to reading more about your recommendations.

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