Best Nootropics for Motivation

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Let’s face it, there are times when it is really tough to get motivated for the task in front of you. Sometimes it may be the nootropics for motivation

day in day out tasks we have to do at work that just ends up boring yet have to be done. It may be the pile of laundry waiting for you to finish. Some days it is hard to get motivated for anything at all. Nootropics can help so I came up with some great nootropics for motivation.

There are nootropics for motivation that can really help get you motivated again and get excited about what you are doing. There area many nootropics that will do this for you so I put together a list of 5 popular nootropics used to elevate motivation.

Keep in mind though, not every one of these or the many out there may work for you. We are all built differently and therefore may have to try a few before we see the results we want. Be patient.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the drive you have the drive to achieve your goals. It is influenced by:

  • how much you want the goal
  • what you will gain
  • your personal expectations

Why is motivation important?

Motivation is important because it:

  • provides you with goals to work towards
  • helps you solve problems
  • helps you change old habits
  • helps you cope with challenges and opportunities



Noopept is probably the most popular nootropic on the market right now because it simply works and works for most of us. It is a very strong nootropic so needs to be taken seriously when it comes to the doses. You only need to take a very small dose for it to be effective. The recommended starting dose for Noopept is between 10-40 milligrams.

Noopept seems to work on dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine levels where dopamine is important for motivation and reward.

The Benefits of Noopept:

  • Increased Motivation
  • Improved Mood
  • Enhanced Memory
  • Increased Focus
  • Better Overall Cognitive Performance

To learn more about Noopept you can read my in-depth article here!




Modafinil is one of the most widely used nootropics and is used widely in the high tech industry, high ups in big business, and with traders. If you are someone who needs their best performance on a daily basis and you feel less than your full performance self then Modafinil may be right for you.

Believe it or not, this nootropic was first developed for the treatment of Narcolepsy.

Modafinil can be used by anyone, who wishes to work late, stay awake, enhance their cognitive reactions, or brighten their moods.

Benefits of Modafinil

  • Increase in Motivation
  • Elevated Mood
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Increased Wakefulness


Modafinil is also frequently used for its neuroprotective properties. It is also one of the most powerful mind stimulants and offers excellent protection against brain damage.

Largely because Modafinil was developed for the treatment of Narcolepsy, users of the nootropic will notice a decrease in fatigue. Students or execs who find themselves sleep deprived will benefit from Modafinil. Mental performance will be heightened. Those who find themselves simply sleepy most of the time without any reason will find themselves more wakeful and with a heightened ability to focus and concentrate.


Rhodiola Roseanootropics for motivation

Rhodiola Rosea off fatigue and also cuts down stress. It is also an energy booster, increases stamina and promotes alertness.

The benefits of Rhodiola Rosea are many including enhanced strength, energy, and better mental capacity.

Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

  • Reduces Stress-Related Fatigue
  • Increased Motivation
  • Reduces Daily Stress
  • Promotes Feelings of General Well-Being
  • Reduces Symptoms of Mild to Moderate Depression

To learn more about Rhodiola Rosea, you can read more about it here!



There have been many studies exploring the potential of Pramiracetam being used to treat for concussions, Alzheimer’s, as well as senile dementia. Clinical studies have shown several specific therapeutic activities affected by alterations of the cognitive functions. Long-term memory improvement has been seen as well as learning, attention span, concentration, alertness, motivation, and an increase in the rate of high-affinity choline uptake in the hippocampus.

Benefits of Pramiracetam:

  • Improved Motivation
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Increased Learning
  • Improved Memory
  • Advanced Logical ThinkingSulbutiamine

Read more about Pramiracetam here!



Sulbutiamine is a synthetic version of vitamin B1 and was developed to reverse the effects of chronic B! deficiency. When you lack vitamin B1 among other things your memory and attention span are affected and so is your mood. From there you may end up feeling depressed with no motivation at all.

Sulbutiamine has been shown to affect a persons’ mood by reducing anxiety. This is because it stimulated levels of dopamine in the brain. Once this happens, a persons’ ability to concentrate and focus improves which leads to a much-improved mood and therefore motivation.

Although human research is still lacking on the thought that sulbutiamine boosts your motivation, many nootropic users swear by its ability to improve their moods although indirectly by improving their mood and energy levels.

Sulbutiamine is a supplement to take regularly however it is advised to take a day or two off occasionally because it is likely you will build up a tolerance to it. Never increase your dosages if you feel this, just stop taking it for a day or two.

Benefits of Sulbutiamine

  • Memory Improvement.
  • May Protect the Brain
  • Is an Antioxidant
  • Increased Levels of Energy.

** It is not advised to use sulbutiamine in conjunction with bipolar disorder medications

If you still find yourself stumped with all the info, check out my post on Why take Natural Brain Supplements

Read more about Sulbutiamine right here!


Other ways to get motivated and stay motivatednootropics for motivation

  • Constantly review what your goals are and how you are progressing. Even a little progress can get you or keep you motivated.
  • This one is a big one for me. Surround yourself with positive people. How people around you act and talk does rub off on you. Positive people make others around them positive as well. When you are feeling positive about yourself and what you are trying to achieve you will feel motivated.
  • Go online and look for social groups geared to positive talk and motivation. Before you know it you will make contact with people who understand and can get you going again.
  • Not having goals is one way to lose your motivation. Set short term goals like what you want to achieve in a week, then a month and then for a year. Continue to set new goals so you always have achievements.

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  1. yeah sometimes I feel it so hard to find my motivation for the day, I feel like giving up before ive even began with a lot of tasks I need to complete that I don’t love. wow I didn’t know there was a solution like this to get you feeling motivated, this is a great help. Thank you.

  2. Hey there,

    I’ve enjoyed reading this article as it contains lots of information and is interesting as well. From my perspective, I tend to think that Rhodiola Rosea is the best because in terms of relieving stress as I’ve used it and its a lot natural. I don’t have much experience on other drugs but this surely is the best. It was actually recommended by one of my doctors as I’ve struggled a lot with stress and now after consuming it for months, I feel a lot better and excited.

    Thank you for taking your precious time in writing this post. Have a nice day ahead!

  3. Thank you so much for this useful post, it is really informative, I have always look for a way to motivate myself before any task, with this drugs I can now motivate myself before any task, but I hope this drugs do not have side effects because there is no mentioning of any side effects in the article thank you for this article once again it was very helpful. I will definitely share it with my friends and family.

  4. Thanks for sharing this information about nootropics. I found it useful as I had cognitive impairment as a result of hyperparathyroidism early last year. Surgery corrected this condition as it was the result of a tumor in one of my parathyroid glands. So my recommendations has always been to see a doctor before taking any over-the-counter medication or supplement. It is better to see a medical professional rather than self-medicate. In my case surgery was the correct solution and not OTC supplements. All I am saying is be careful because not all products have been clinically tested to ensure they are effective. 

  5. Good Morning Stew,

    I agree with you, we are all different so what helps one person might not help the other.

    Are we lacking motivation, I personally think that a lot of people do. I put that down to our lifestyle. Modern life is creating stress, all this competition. The bad air we breathe, our water could be polluted, we are surrounded by constant radiation, and the man-made foods we fill up on do not help either. It is difficult to remain healthy and motivated.

    In your post you talk about Nootropics, I had to read up on it as I did not know that term. I found out that some have been made with “natural” ingredients and others are made with chemicals. They are not regulated by the FDA, to me that does not mean anything as they have given green light to things which cause harm to people, so in general approved or not is not of my concern. What I am worried about is the chemicals used in Nootropics. I prefer to go the natural way, try and live a healthy lifestyle and at the age of 68 I really cannot complain. I have motivation enough to continue an other 20 years.

    Thank you for your information.

    Regards, Taetske

    • You have the right attitude and if the natural way is for you, there are many natural nootropics out there for you to choose from based on what you want them for.  Thanks Taetske!

  6. This post is wonderful review about best nootropics for motivation. I would not even know that such type of drug exist if I did not read this article.One of my friend sometimes feels mental disorder and kept in under observation for his abnormal behavior. Most of the time doctor prescribed him some sleeping pill which makes him weak also. I think he is under high level of frustration. Are those nootropics can be prescribed for his treatment? Please share if there is any side effect for using those nootropics also.

    • They possibly could.  He would have to have a talk with his physician first and then try.  As for side effects, there really isn’t any to speak of and no withdrawal if you stop taking them.

  7. I have never found the need to induce motivation, but i can imaging how actively positive one can get after using a Nootropic drug. I feel its definitely worth try and i will do just that. Your review has opened my eyes to another side of productive existence and as a creative, it should yield a positive result. I can’t wait to share my experience with you. Cheers

  8. Nootropics…Really sounds like it is made from either oxygen or ginseng for uplifting mood.  I find it intriguing that medicine can be made into so many things to help people regain their vitality.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article…

    I will be looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

    All the best!

  9. Hi there, really interesting article I enjoyed reading about this. I enjoyed it mainly because I had genuinely had not heard of these supplements and didn’t even know they were a thing. 

    I had a question though, these things seem great and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to take them… unless there are side effects and downsides to this. Is there some sort of ‘come down’ that you feel where you feel worse for a while before you take the next dosage. Im interested to know.

    Either way, great review 🙂

    • Most have very little in the way of side effects so that isn’t much of a worry.  Part of the popularity of nootropics is that they don’t give you a crash.

      Feel free to take some and have no worries about much.

  10. This article about Nootropics is very interesting.It seems like this new form of natural herbals seem to is very cutting edge.I have been exposed to herbal supplements but this has elevated my thinking.Your website is very appealing and thoughtfully produced to bring a person who is unaware of Nootropics, more aware without losing them.Thanks for all your hard work Stew!

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