Neuro Ignite Review

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Introduction to My Neuro Ignite Review

A Neuro Ignite review is a good review!!  This nootropic stack is fairly unique in that it is produced in FDA approved facilities. That really says something. Not only that, but it is produced under whatneuro ignite review

is called GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices. Just check out Amazon and you will find it has over 2,000 reviews averaging 4 out of 5 stars. Neuro Ignite is one of the best nootropic stacks available for focus, concentration, memory, and clarity. The company responsible for its beginnings is called Organic Stride who focus on producing all natural ingredient products. Neuro Ignite was picked up by Havasu Nutrition

NeuroIgnite has been around for a long time now, and it has passed through the hands of two manufacturers. We have worked hard to keep updating our NeuroIgnite review as the formula evolves. The latest change came when the product began being produced by Havasu Nutrition rather than Organic Stride.

For a natural nootropic supplement, Neuro Ignite has covered all the bases and has produced a very good product.


These are all top quality ingredients with proven effectiveness. Together they increase memory capacity while slowing down cognitive decline.


“First day was like “Zoom”. Had forgotten I’d taken it in the morning and was surprised at the energy and motivation I had all day. I’ve had a troubled year – anxiety, hospital, psych guy and recently weaned myself off Lexapro (SSRI). Looking forward to today for the first time in a while.”

When taking Neuro Ignite you can feel at ease knowing you are taking natural effective ingredients that are all FDA (Federal Drug Administration of USA). Furthermore, taking one look at the ingredients label and you can see every ingredient listed with the exact amount per serving or dose however you chose to think of it.

One thing I like about Neuro Ignite is its lack of Caffeine. Caffeine is used in many stacks and side effects usually have to be balanced off with another supplement.

Ingredients in Detail

DMAE (Dimethylethanolamine)

Has been shown to increase the production of acetylcholine which helps nerve cells to do their job by transmitting signals. Since acetylcholine plays a big role in brain functions such as learning and memory, many claim that taking DMAE in supplement form probably boosts brain health by raising acetylcholine levels.


Bacopa Monnieri

It has been shown to help improve your memory, reduce anxiety, and is also used to improve longevity. It is also one of the few nootropics that seem to show improvements in young people as well. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India and is used in brain function. A study found that Bacopa Monnieri improves cognitive function and also decreased anxiety and depression in the elderly who did not have Alzheimer’s disease.



Huperzine-A is a unique substance, not because of what it does, but because of what it will inhibit. It is a natural inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, which is an enzyme that is specifically designed to destroy acetylcholine. As mentioned with DMAE, acetylcholine is what increase plasticity in the brain, and helps with the production of neurotransmitters. By inhibiting acetylcholinesterase, it essentially protects the brain from deterioration.


Phosphatidylserine 4% Complex

Phosphatidylserine is typically found in most people’s diets, but it’s always good to have more. It is a substance that can maintain the integrity of cell membranes.


St. John’s Wort

Although this herb does not directly affect the ability of a person to access memory, what it does do is it lowers anxiety levels. It has been used for centuries and is thought to be one of the best natural supplements that can replace pharmaceutical products like Xanax.  It does have some side effects mainly associated with taking larger doses so always maintain low doses with this supplement.



It has been used with people that are showing initial signs of cognitive decline, and allow them to start functioning at a much higher level. It is recommended that you use this on a daily basis and in combination with all the other nootropics that are part of this product.


Ginkgo Biloba

This is a natural product that has been proven to help improve a person’s memory. The reason that it is able to do so is that it improves cerebral blood circulation. Unlike blood thinners that may not provide this type of result, ginkgo biloba targets the capillaries in the human brain. Therefore, if your brain has access to more blood, this means more oxygen and nutrients, which means it is going to function at an optimal level.

“I’ve only been taking this for a week, but it seems to have lowered my anxiety and has given me the ability to think clearer and pay attention without my brain wandering during a conversation.

As a person with social anxiety, I am prescribed Xanax but I wanted something safer to take and Xanax messes with your mood and whole demeanour. As I mentioned above my anxiety has lowered, I can focus more, I am more motivated.

I am not sure if its a placebo effect occurring since I’ve only taken this product for about a week, but I like to believe its working because I feel great.”


  • Improvement of my mood, focus and mental alertness throughout the day.
  • Gave me mental alertness similar to or better than a cup of coffee
  • Found it easier to multitask on different projects I was working on.
  • Sleeping better throughout the night.
  • Easier for me to get out of bed in the mornings.
  • Felt more cool, calm, and collected while taking these.


  • Takes a few days for it to kick in.


Is NeuroIgnite Safe?

NeuroIgnite is a terrific nootropic made in the United States and contains only high-quality ingredients. It is made in FDA approved facilities. During the manufacturing process, Havasu Nutrition uses current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). However, the addition of St. John’s Wart might not be to everyone’s liking. Although this natural ingredient has seen centuries of use, it can cause some mild side-effects.

St. John’s wort interacts with many drugs so let your physician know if you want to take St. John’s wort.

As with all other nootropic products, you should consult your physician before taking NeuroIgnite. This is particularly the case for children who are younger than 18. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should also seek medical advice before using any nootropic product. If you are using any medication, make sure this dietary supplement won’t interfere with it. Finally, if you are allergic to soy, you should know that this product contains soy in the form of lecithin. There is also bovine gelatin in this supplement, so it’s not vegan-friendly.

You can Purchase Neuroignite at Amazon and clicking buy now or by clicking on the bottle below

TRANSPARENCY AND TESTING: We set the bar higher at Havasu Nutrition. We know transparency is important to you and it should be! Before that bottle arrives to your location, it goes through a robust system that includes testing the raw materials and finished product. This testing includes microbial testing and testing for heavy metal and chemicals; identity and authenticity testing so you can assure purity, and the exact concentration of ingredients to ensure absolute safety. Every batch is tested in a ANS state-of-the-art facility and is third-party tested to validate potency and integrity at an ISO accredited lab. You should never compromise when it comes to your health and need not to with Havasu Nutrition’s quality standards.

Neuro Ignite

Quality of Ingredients 8.4
Benefits 8.6
Price 10.0
Side Effects 9.5

14 thoughts on “Neuro Ignite Review”

  1. I must say that I am very happy to read this helpful article. when it comes to this type of products it is most important for me that ingredients are natural and that there is no consequences on health. I am a student and I think that this supplement will greatly help me in boosting memory.

    • Nootropics are very popular with students and part of the reason for their continuous development is for students to be sharp with good memory.

  2. Nice one…I am glad Neuro Ignite is mostly natural ingredients. Mental clarity is necessary when paying attention to fine detail…I use clay myself and find too much keeps me awake into early morning hours.

    Tell me, is it possible to readjust the dose of Neuro Ignite? To suit one’s metabolism?  Especially if fast..

    I would like to know please.

    All the best, 


    • Yes indeed you can.  Just read the label for the suggested amount and if you want less that is ok anytime.  More?  A little at a time.

  3. I know a couple of people that struggle with anxiety and one in particular was prescribed Xanax. He had been taken his correct dosages but unfortunately has become addicted to it and now completely relies on it and takes it a very unhealthy amount.

    This is really awful to see, and it would’ve been great if he had have known about some safer products before going straight onto Xanax because its now going to be difficult to get out of the cycle he is in.

  4. Hi, I was looking for a FDA approved smart drug for a while. Neuro Ignite seems to be the answer to my research.

    I need to improve my productivity at work because I’m not the youngest any more and a lot of pressure is on my shoulders. I can’t take chemical drugs due to testings by the company.

    I hope this product holds what it promises, I’ll try it now because there has to be a change for me. Thanks for the review of neuro ignite.

  5. Neuroignite sounds very good especially if helps with memory and focus , something that I am lacking a bit at this stage in my life and I like the fact that does not contain caffeine… Now my question is. Do you think that is good to put St John’s Wort is in the same category as Xanax when it comes to relaxing effects?

    • Not quite.  Zanax is pretty powerful and has a pretty big ‘crash’ factor whereas Neuro Ignite is very effective, but not as harsh and without the crash

  6. Hi this is a really good review especially as you point out how the very best drug regulator has also approved this product for use too. I think it would be great if everyone new more adopt these cool brain function enhancing supplements. We know about so many others but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before nootropics explode on to the market in a big way. Thanks, Kenny 

  7. I see where you say Nootropics are very popular with students.  This is great but I was wondering about maybe someone who has actually damaged their brain through prolonged drug use.

    I have a beloved member in my family who is 48 and had some serious opiate issues for many years and has affected their thought process. Basically their brain is vey tired and kind of went backwards.

    I will be looking forward to your answer.


    • Nootropics are largely supplements proven to work.  I have never heard of anyone damaging their brains by taking nootropics according to the proper dosages.

      Because they are by and large not prescription meds, the dosages are recommended.  If anyone abuses the dosages they may find themselves in an overdose situation.

  8. Thanks for taking out time to share this amazing review about Neuro Ignite. The  natural effective ingredients and its mild nature of working is a win win for me .

    I would like to know are there any withdrawal syndrome effects,  my previous experience with such drugs wats not that easy, please share more light thanks.

    • I have just posted today an article about cycling.  Where you take a nootropic for a while and then stop for a while.  This is generally the best and most effective way to take them to avoid any negative effects and tolerance

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