Neuro Peak Review

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Introduction to Neuro Peak by Zhou Nutrition


Neuro Peak is a very safe, all natural nootropic supplement made in the US by Zhu Nutrition.  It is described as a high-performing supplement that will boost brain power and mental performance.  In my Neuro Peak review, I will take you through what you want to know to make the best decision.

Neuro Peak is formulated to enhance your focus, clarity, and memory while lowering anxiety and stress levels.

Now doesn’t that sound terrific?  Let’s dig into the all natural ingredients and see what there is in the bottle.


Neuro peak review



Vitamin B12

Cobalamin as it is called if not vitamin B12 and it is an essential vitamin which our bodies need but can’t produce.  We have to get it from food, usually animal products, supplements or injection.

Vitamin B12 is extremely important to our bodies and to our brains in many ways.  It helps with the normal function of nerve cells and is essential for the formation of red blood cells and for DNA synthesis.

Vitamin B12 also has an effect on our moods and is currently being researched heavily because we don’t quite know how.  What we do know is that it is involved in synthesizing and metabolizing serotonin that we know is responsible for regulating our mood.

If we have a vitamin B12 deficiency then we have less serotonin production and our moods plummet and we may experience depression.  It all makes sense and studies are now showing that taking B12 when low on B12 and suffering from depression improves the symptoms of the depression.

A study was done using volunteers suffering from depression and who were vitamin B12 deficient.  What was discovered was that those given regular antidepressants along with B12 were more likely to have improved symptoms.  Those who only took antidepressants were not likely to improve their symptoms [1].

Vitamin B12 may also play a role in the prevention of brain atrophy.  Brain atrophy is the loss of neurons in the brain and is associated with dementia.

There was a study conducted with persons in early-stage dementia.  They were given a combination of vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acid supplements and their mental decline slowed [3]


Rhodiola RoseaNeuro peak review

Here is what Zhu Nutrition has to say about the inclusion of Rhodiola.

“Ingredients like Rhodiola have been used for centuries to support performance. Rhodiola is designed to work with the other premium ingredients in Neuro-Peak to help re-energize your mind, helping you stay focused on your most important tasks.”

I’m putting the benefits in a bullet form because there are many.

  • Depression: For people with mild to moderate depression, after taking Rhodiola for 6-weeks, the extract may help in alleviating the symptoms.
  • Fatigue: Research shows that Rhodiola may help decrease stress-related fatigue and the extract has been shown to increase students sense of well-being during exams. Another Rhodiola extract also seems to reduce mental fatigue in first-year college and university students. Some research shows it improves mental performance in tired individuals performing mental tasks.
  • Anxiety: There is evidence to support the idea it lowers anxiety and depression in people with generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Stress: Taking the extract before breakfast and lunch will help those who suffer from general life stress.
  • Memory and Concentration: Studies using proofreading tests have demonstrated that Rhodiola Rosea enhances memorization and the ability to concentrate for prolonged periods. It increases the bioelectrical activity of the brain which improves memory and brain energy




DMAE increases production of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter in our brain (a type of chemical that helps nerve cells to transmit signals). Because acetylcholine has a key role in many important brain functions such as learning and memory, taking DMAE in supplement form raises acetylcholine levels which in turn boosts brain health.

DMAE reduces the buildup of beta-amyloid which is a plaque that impairs cognitive function.  It is also shown to decrease brain function and cause age-related decline.  Research is being done to see it’s potential in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

DMAE has also been shown to boost athletic performance, elevate our moods, and alleviate symptoms of depression.


Phosphatidylserine 20%

Have you heard of this?  Maybe not so let me tell you about it. Phosphatidylserine or PS for short is a phospholipid nutrient that is present in all of the cells in our body.  The biggest concentration being in our brain’s nerve cells.  It is crucial for improving our recall and for promoting our attention levels, learning, and mental sharpness.  PS has been extensively researched in humans, animals, and cultured cells, and is the most proven nutrient for memory.

PS may slow cognitive decline, and promote a positive-minded outlook. It has been shown to help age-related brain degeneration, slowing the progression of memory loss while helping with mood, anxiety, socialization and mental clarity.

PS is the only nootropic with an FDA-qualified claim for reducing cognitive decline risk.


Ginkgo Biloba

What we are most interested in is the nootropic benefits of the leaves of this plant. A doctor named Dr. Andrew Scholey found that ginkgo Biloba had immediate benefits of improved concentration, memory, and attention. (2)

The reason he discovered was that the extract promotes Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is an energy molecule that improves nerve cell transmission. Thirty-four studies have been performed that all prove that Ginkgo has very positive effects on our minds.


Bacopa Monnieri Leaf Extract ( 20% bacosides)Neuro peak review

Bacopa has always been known to have the ability to increase our cognitive processing, making learning new things simpler and quicker. The ability to have better learning powers while under stress is another proven ability of Bacopa as well as claims being able to recall recently learned information much easier for example taken a test or student exams.

When many people think of Bacopa, they think of memory enhancement and rightly so because it is the most well-known benefit of this herb.  You have to stick with it for a while as many studies have shown that memory improvements take up to 4 – 6 weeks before taking full effect, but when they do the results are significant. [3]

The drawback I see here is the dose/serving/  When you have Bacopa Monnieri Leaf extract you have a target dose of 165mg.  When we look at the label we see that there is 100mg, but only 20mg bacosides leaving us very short of the 165mg recommended.


Side Effects

Most of us shouldn’t have anything problem with Neuro Peak presenting any side effects because there are very few and the serving size is pretty low for problems to occur.

DMA can be an issue to pregnant women so if you are pregnant or going to be, Neuro Peak isn’t for you.

In all my articles I strongly advise women who are pregnant or who are planning on being pregnant speak to their physicians before taking any nootropic,

Here is a list of the most common side effects.  They are most often attributed to a new user or those who take more than the recommended dose

Anxiety and depression.
Sleep disorders and insomnia.
Reduced or lack of appetite.



  • Neuro-Peak has a pretty good blend of portend nootropics covering short and long term memory.  It is a blend I like and will probably try out.
  • No proprietary blend here.  It’s really important for consumers to know how much they are taking per dose. Zhou Nutrition isn’t hiding.


  • Some reviewers say they get no effect.  The reason may be the low dosages.  I’m on the fence because I also hear good things about Neuro Peak.


Who Takes Neuro Peak

Memory, focus, clarity, stress and mood support.  This is what Zhu Nutrition say is what you get and I have to agree that the product does this, just in a very mild way.

If these are what you want in a nootropic stack, Neuro Peak is for you.  In other words, anyone can take it.


How to Take It

Take it as it says on the package.  That is once a day!  Simple.Neuro peak review

However, some nootropics are taken on an empty stomach and others are not.  With this one, it took a little looking around to find that You can take Neuro Peak either before or after a meal, but at mealtime.

As it is a once a day nootropic, it would only make sense to take its either before or right after breakfast.  If you forget you can take it later. At lunch wouldn’t;t take it later than lunch as it may have your brain too active to get to sleep, stay asleep, and have a restful sleep.


Where to Buy

This is an easy one.  Amazon sells this product and at a very competitive price so just click on the bottle to the right to get yours!


To Wrap it Up

I do like this blend of ingredients.  It is blended to show improvement in the areas of memory, concentration, focus, attention and overall brain function.

The doses are a little small as compared to some others that do the same things, however, the effects seem to still be there albeit milder.  Mild is ok as some users find commercial stacks a little too powerful for them.

I did not put it into my post Nootropics for Stress, but it could be a good candidate for it

6 thoughts on “Neuro Peak Review”

  1. I think Neuro Peak is really worth given a trial as it poses no real side effect as you have mentioned except for pregnant women not to use it and as we know that most drugs are not recommended for pregnant women. The video review you  dropped about it is very explicit and well understood. Thanks so much for this lovely review of Neuro Peak.

  2. This looks like another great review on a product that just might help our family.  I see this helps depression and some anxiety disorders.  Do you know if this will also help someone with OCD?  My son gets so anxious over certain things because of being super OCD.  We have yet to get him comfortable where things don’t bother him.  This would be so wonderful if it would help.  Looking forward to your response.

    • The Rhodiola Rosea is the ingredient that takes care of anxiety.

      OCD isn’t really one that is covered so far successfully from any nootropic I am familiar with.  This is more a behavioural thing than a brain improvement

  3. Is there any clinically proven side effect on pregnant women? Based on this review I want to believe this product is worthy of a trial. Who would not want an improved focus and a stress free , anxiety free and a super active brain. considering the natural ingredient involved in its production, I don’t really foresee a serious side effect.

    • You are right.  Who wouldn’t?

      I always advise pregnant women to not take these.  There is not enough research done on the effects on the foetus

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