Phenibut Benefits – an Anxiety Buster

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Phenibut Benefit and Reviewphenibut benefits

Phenibut is a CNS (central nervous system) depressant going back to the ’60s when it was created in Russia where it is sold as a prescription drug.  This nootropic was created to treat anxiety and insomnia, sleep disorders, alcoholism, motion sickness and depression.  A pretty long list for sure.  In this article, I will go over in detail the Phenibut benefits for you.

In Canada, the US and Europe it is considered a nutritional supplement and is freely available to anyone without a prescription.

User reviews on Phenibut are many, saying they get a feeling of an enhanced sense of well-being, much reduced social inhibitions, a general sense of calmness, and far less depression.

People also say Phenibut helps them with increased learning capacity, focus

There have also been reports on the Nootropic-like effects of Phenibut, where users attest to this supplement helping to improve learning capacity, focus, memory and even decision-making skills.

This nootropic has a bit of a controversial history with two sides trying going in opposite directions.  One side is saying it is great for treating anxiety and increasing your social fluency.  The other side is saying it is downright dangerous.  The lack of many human studies, side effects, the ease in which you can get addicted to it and overdose, and withdrawal symptoms fire this controversy.

How it Works

Phenibut is an analog of the brain chemical GABA, the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter.  Activating the GABA receptors calms the neural activity which reduces anxiety and creates in us a sense of relaxation. This action is believed to be responsible for Phenibut’s calmative and anti-anxiety properties.

What GABA does is it maintains the proper balance of neuron excitation vs. inhibition.  It counteracts glutamate which is an excitatory chemical which stimulates greater activity in the neurons.

GABA prevents the overstimulation of glutamate.  Overstimulation causes the neurons to fire too fast.  When this happens we feel anxious and agitated and restless.  Our thoughts begin to race, resulting in insomnia, depression, lack of concentration.  All of these are very much related to anxiety in general.

Phenibut also stimulates the brain’s receptors for dopamine which is the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, reward, and motivation.

At least partially, it may be responsible for lifting our mood and decreasing our anxiety [1]

Benefits of Phenibut

Anti-Anxiety Benefits

The most well-known benefit of Phenibut is its ability to reduce anxiety while maintaining or even for some, enhancing cognitive processing.  This is a balance that is not maintained with most anxiolytic medications so gives Phenibut an extra and exciting benefit. It is mostly used for anxiety, of course, insomnia, stress and mood enhancement mood.

The biggest reason for the development of Phenibut was anxiety and social anxiety and why it is prescribed in Russia for all things anxiety.  It helps with post-traumatic stress disorder, fear and tension as well as depression. Stuttering is another and so is your balance.  However, anxiety is its main use [2].

Many people who use Nootropics or other supplements to help relieve anxiety have reported better results using Phenibut than drinking alcohol or taking anti-anxiety prescription medications.

Great Sleep Aid

Another big benefit of Phenibut and why it is prescribed in Russia is its ability to act as a sleep aid.  It relaxes us and when used before bed helps with natural sleep patterns and gives us a proper and more restful sleep throughout the entire night.

GABA prevents the overstimulation of glutamate.  By doing so, it reduces neuron signalling and therefore reduces restlessness, anxiety and allows feelings that allow us to get to sleep easily and stay asleep for the whole night.  Phenibut stays in our body for a long time and this is why it can promote REM sleep.

Constant worrying, irritability, and restlessness often lead to sleep issues and with the proper use of Phenibut before bedtime, users may experience a better ability to relax, fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.


How to Use Phenibut

Despite some controversy, Phenibut is safe to use as long as you keep the dosages low and not to combine it with drinking alcohol, Xanax, Klonopin, or Valium.  Use it as it is meant to and by itself and you’ve got something good.

If you want to use Phenibut to relax, you should take it later in the afternoon or in the evening to avoid getting too drowsy during the day. It may stay in your body for up to 24 hours.

By far the best way to take Phenibut as a sleep aid is 2-3 hours before bedtime. Many people report a feeling of gradual relaxation and sleepiness, as you start to feel the effects. You may feel mild grogginess the next day after first waking up, but this is only among a few.  Most people feel refreshed from a good sleep.

If you are pregnant or considering getting pregnant in the near future, do not take Phenibut.  There is not enough data availab to say if it is safe for a developing fetus.

Side Effects

If you take Phenibut for your anxiety and not regularly then it is easily taken with only mild side effects. These can include dizziness, stomach aches, or fatigue.  These are common side effects of GABA products and mostly found in those who take more than the recommended amount.

Others who take too much experience vivid dreams and limb pain.  Even more serious side effects can occur when taking too much (overdosing) and they would be memory loss and unconsciousness [3].

Withdrawal symptoms will occur if you don’t cycle this nootropic and they include insomnia, depression and anxiety, and can begin even after taking it for a short time.  Remember to stay within the dosage guidelines.


You can take Phenibut sublingually (under the tongue for faster absorption, therefore shorter time before full effect).

Phenibut should be taken on an empty stomach. Eating just before or after will delay the onset of the effects. Wait at least 45 minutes after consuming food before taking it.

Here is a general guideline on how much to take.

If it’s your first time, start small (250-500 mg)
Do not take a dose of more than 1.5 grams a day (1500 mg)
Do not take a dose more often than three (3) days in a week. Phenibut is known to become easily tolerated by the body, which may lead to addiction.

 Who Should Take Phenibut and Whyphenibut benefits

Phenibut is all about relaxing and ridding yourself of the anxiety you may carry around today or even tomorrow.  It’s about helping you enjoy a relaxing time with a better mood.

You can also use it just for a heightened feeling of well-being and who doesn’t want that.  Grab yourself some today if good feelings of relaxation and well being are what you want.


A Popular Stack

This is a good but powerful stack to try for your anxiety,  insomnia, and mood control. Please remember to not continuously use Phenibut every day.  That means use this stack only as needed or wanted


If you will be taking Phenibut on a regular basis, tolerance is something that will happen and you should read this carefully. Tolerance will reduce its effects and may also lead to serious withdrawal symptoms.

Cycling Phenibut is highly recommended.

Here are some good guidelines on how to cycle to help keep your tolerance risk low:

  1. If you are taking less than 400mg (especially if you are just using it for sleep), then you can take phenibut every day!
  2. If you are taking approx 750mg, then you can take phenibut every day but with a few days break every few weeks.
  3. If you are taking approx 1500mg, you need to take 1 or 2 rest days per week.


Where to Buyphenibut benefits

You can purchase Phenibut at many places online and off.  I recommend the powder product at  Absorb Your Health is a trusted supplement and nootropic source.  You can also click the image to the right.


To Wrap it Up

Phenibut has been around for a long time and has been a prescription medication in Russia for around 50 years now and very successfully.  Physicians there prescribe it is safe doses and monitor their patients’ benefits, cycling, and dosages.

Problems arise when some want to go rogue and do their own thing because you can buy it in other countries without a prescription.  No prescription, no problem, I can figure my own dose.  NO!

 It is of my opinion Phenibut is a safe supplement to take if you follow the guidelines.  It is a great anxiolytic for a lot of people who swear by it and wouldn’t do without.

The term nootropic being used in conjunction with phenibut is loosely based although it does cover many of the bases a nootropic.  The cognitive improvements may just be a result of ridding yourself of your debilitating anxiety and/or getting some great sleep.  Often sleep deprivation and ‘mud in between the ears’ is enough to prevent your own perfectly good brain from showing itself.

For now, many people use it very effectively.

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  1. Interesting! I suffer from lifelong anxiety (and insomnia because of it) and I have never heard of this before. I’ll have to check it out. I’m a little concerned about the dependency part, but I have taken way more addictive drugs that are excellent during panic attacks but the risks are too great for everyday anxiety so I am very careful. I’m going to do a little more research on this, check out other reviews, but thanks for bringing this to my attention!!

  2. Are there descriptions or guide on how to use it? That will help customers as well as prevent complications which will not be as a result of the nootropics but lack of guide and possible abuse caused by ignorance of the consumer. I’ll really like to know more about this and other products to.

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