Sulbutiamine Benefits – A Pure Nootropic

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What is Sulbutiamine?

In my article entitled Sulbutiamine benefits- a pure nootropic, I will go into what it is, how it can benefit us, stacks with Sulbutiamine, side effects etc.

Sulbutiamine is a synthetic version of Thiamine or vitamin B1 that was developed in Japan to treat what is calledSulbutiamine benefirts

beriberi, a nervous disorder caused by thiamine deficiency.

Essentially Sulbutiamine is produced by bending two vitamin B1 molecules together by a Sulfur group. by a sulfur group. Sulbutiamine is more fat soluble than thiamine and therefore has a much better ability to cross the blood-brain barrier [1].

Sulbutiamine is a nootropic and an antioxidant used in France to fight off fatigue. It also has other interesting properties such as boosting memory, protecting our brain, and helps get rid of muscle weakness. All of these things and more I will go into.


The Benefits of Sulbutiamine


Improve Mood and Reduce Anxiety

Over the years many people have reported having their mood uplifted and had a positive effect on their motivation as well. Reports of reduced anxiety levels were reported as was a feeling of well-being [2]. These come from Reddit, but we can say that there is some evidence.

As well as enhancing the production of the neurotransmitter glutamate, it also shows that it upregulates the transition of Dopamine. Dopamine as we know is very much associated with feelings of pleasure and reward. If we increase the levels of these chemicals, it would be safe to say we would see enhancement in our moods and motivation. Many people have used Sulbutiamine as a so-called ‘party’ drug due to its positive effect upon the mood.

There was a study done on patients suffering from depression that lasted 8 weeks. During this period it we discovered that Sulbutiamine had no anti-depressant effect, but it reduced their feet and their anxiety and therefore improved their daily lives socially, professionally, and their family lives [3].

Much evidence also suggests Sulbutiamine can be used to aid in the treatment of some degenerative cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s and maybe Schizophrenia, however evidence of that is scarce at the moment.

Sulbutiamine is also an effective nootropic for creativity.  You can read that article here.

Sulbutiamine Improves Memory

Animal studies performed show that Sulbutiamine did improve the formation of long-term memories [4]

In humans, Sulbutiamine, when used together with Donepezil (trade name name Aricept, is a medication used in the palliative treatment of Alzheimer’s disease) improved memory in a study of 26 patients with Alzheimer’s Disease [5].

The most likely reason for memory improve to with use of Sulbutiamine is because of it’s ability to potentiate cholergenic transmittions in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex of our brains. Having an increase in available Choline upregulates the production of Acetylcholine which we know is heavily associated with memory and cognition


Boosts Energy

Sulbutiamine is well-known as an energy booster. Why is this? It increases the levels of Thiamine in our brains that help keep our energy levels regulated.Sulbutiamine benefits

Sulbutiamine has been successfully used to treat a variety of types of fatigue, including post-infection fatigue, fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis, and even unexplained fatigue.

It’s believed that sulbutiamine’s fatigue-fighting capability is related to its ability to upregulate the production of glutamate, the most important excitatory neurotransmitter.

Several large studies have found that sulbutiamine significantly increases energy in people who are feeling fatigued [6].


Stimulatory Effects to Benefit Athletic Performance

We have covered benefits of Sulbutiamine such as mood improvements, increase in focus and motivation, and a lowering of fatigue. Add all of this together and it can indirectly improve your athletic performance. Athletes around the world have supplemented with it and have hands positive results from it.




Thiamine Deficiency

Originally Sulbutiamine was developed to treat a Thiamine deficiency called Beriberi, Beriberi is caused by thing like poor diet, alcoholism, or other illness. Symptoms include cardiovascular problems, fatigue (of course), brain fog, some disorientation and memory loss as shown it this study [7].


Nerve Protection

Nerve damage from high blood sugar in those with Diabetes is always a threat and something Diabetics have to worry about. There has been a study to test the effectiveness of Sulbutiamine. It took place over 6 weeks with participants taking a dose of 400mg/day. Results showed 15 had a significant improvement in nerve and muscle function as compared to those taking the placebo [8].

Side Effects

Is it a safe drug? Yes it is, however always stick to the recommended doses and don’t take higher than the highest dose suggested. Those experimenting with higher doses in and around the 1000-2000mg amounts are the ones reporting side effects. They include negative thoughts, anxiety, and nausea.

This is a substance that you can build up a tolerance quite quickly do cycling to keep the effects is needed.

You might want to experiment a little with cycling your on and of periods. If looking for a starting point, it is suggested you cycle 4 days on and one day off, or just use it when you want or ‘need’ the extra boost.

It is not advised to use Sulbutiamine in conjunction with bipolar disorder medications.


A Common Known Stack


Sulbutiamine + Huperzine A + Choline Stack

This is a common starting stack combining Sulbutiamine with Huperzine A and Alpha GPC. it can provide you

with an even more memory enhancement, and increased focus.

There has been a lot of positive talk from users of this stack

Recommended dosage:

200 mg Sulbutiamine+200 mcg Huperzine +300 mg Choline source (Alpha GPC)


How to Use Sulbutiamine

Sulbutiamine is fat-soluble (in fact, that’s the reason it can pass the blood-brain barrier and have all these nootropic properties), so be sure you take it with a fat source, otherwise you won’t absorb it.

  • Commercial sulbutiamine supplements in 200-500mg doses.
  • Powder sulbutiamine for adjusting intake.
  • Human studies showed benefits at 400 to 600 mg/day.

Where to Buy it

Sulbutiamine is legal in both Canada and the United States so finding it is easy. Online is usually your best bet because you generally find the best quality.

I recommend PureNootropics as they are known for good quality.


To Wrap it Up

Sulbutiamine is a powerful supplement that has been tried and proven over decades of research and practical use.

It’s known to treat several specific types of fatigue, and both user self-reports and scientific studies confirm that can boost memory, cognition, mood, and motivation. It’s generally accepted as safe and well tolerated, and it’s widely available for purchase.

If you’re looking for a known and respected cholinergic, sulbutiamine is one to consider.

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  1. Hey that’s really great. It’s nice to know that this drug has a provable record of success. I like how you explain things about this drug so clearly and in a way that allows someone like me to follow your content. Do you feel that there will be new drugs that can do better than this one in the future or should they continue to use and build upon the success this drug has.?

    • There already have been better versions of nootropics developed.  The Racetam family of nootropics is always improving and Noopept is one developed to be better than Piracetam (a racetam).

      So yes, this is always evolving and more and more these days

  2. I have been using nootropics for a while now and the Sulbutiamine Benefits are wonderful

    I feel refreshed, calm and can work longer hours doing what I love to do which is such a bonus as before I started taking these amazing pills, I used to be a 2 o’clock napper and the nap was normally 2 hours.

    Now I’m into my day and still refreshed in the mid-afternoon which is great as it means I am more productive in my work hours than ever before

    All the best sharing this information as it really is worth taking

    • this is wonderful.  It is terrific to hear from someone who is actually taking what is written bout.  I am glad you find it makes you feel much more alive.

      Thanks for the great great comment Vicki

  3. I always like to read about nootropics and  every other smart drug capable of helping humans feel better and act with more sharpness of mind and vigour of strength we surely need them. My question is this however, Can Sulbutiamine be combined with other multivitamins and wellness drugs without any contraindications?

    • For the most part yes it can.  Supplements can generally be combined as long as you don’t overdue the dose.

      If you take bipolar disorder medications it is advised not to take sulbutiamine 

  4. Hi, I have read this whole review. This is very important information for us.This is a nice information about The benifits of Sulbutiamine.Sulbutiamine to decrease fatigue and improve mood.Sulbutiamine may also be good for mood and anxiety. Two studies have found that it relieves anxiety, depression and social shyness.It is also sold as a dietary supplement. It was discovered in Japan.Generally, it is safe and well tolerated. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Thanks for creating proper awareness about the uses and benefits of Sulbutiamine ,I never knew it has such great benefits, please I do suffer from mood swing and anxiety, Can this drug be hundred percent effective for boosting the human energy? Do you have any idea about the price?  Thank you 

    • It will help you with mental energy which will give you the psychological strength to get up and go.

      Price is around 15-20 dollars (US) a bottle

  6. I have never heard of Sulbutiamine before! It looks like a really good product for your health with so many benefits.

    Improve Mood and Reduce Anxiety is a huge plus, so many people today have this problem with over the counter prescriptions and so many expectations in life to be successful, wealthy and happy anxiety is such a huge problem.

    There can’t be anything wrong with taking a substance that makes you feel amazing! Can there. Thanks for the info. 

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