TruBrain Review

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Introduction to TruBrainTruBrain review

TruBrain is a blend of nootropics, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients that work together synergistically to improve cognitive function.  Well put, but does it work?  In this TruBrain review, I will take you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

First, let me tell you that it is a US company in California responsible for Trubrain and they are actually called Trubrain just like their product is.

Developed by neuroscientists, Dr. Andrew Hill and Dr. Aida Attar who studied the brainwaves of high functioning subjects when they were at their most and least productive.  They say their products, which include capsules and drinks will boost your cognitive performance and general focus.

As well as promising to help you juggle distractions and improve your memory, help with your mental endurance and focus all day, and allow you to overcome mental blocks.

Sounds promising so we should start with the Ingredients and see what they do.


L-Theanine and Caffeine

These are listed on the ingredients separately, but I want to mention them together because they are in the formula so they can work together.

Caffeine and L-theanine together are probably the most talked about and most popular nootropic stack in the word.  Why?  It works, plain and simple and is all natural.

Caffeine we can all attest to (those who drink coffee) is a stimulant that is great for concentration, improving attention, and focus. It, however, has some annoying side effects to it.  The jitters, increased heart rate, and anxiety are popular ones although they only last a short time until the effects of the caffeine wear off.

L Theanine, on the other hand, is a relaxant that can reduce your heart rate and blood pressure [1].  It promotes alpha brain waves which are the ones associated with relaxation and calm and counteracts the side effects of the caffeine.

You find yourself more able to concentrate on your work, be more creative, focus more with more energy.  All of this without headaches,  anxiety and the dreaded crash from caffeine.  It really is a mix made from heaven.


Piracetam is it the first synthetic smart drug ever created and is the one compound that inspired the creation of the word nootropic.  Just an interesting fact there.

Piracetam is a nootropic in the racetam drug class that is derived from the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Racetam drugs are synthetic compounds that are used to boost brain function.

Piracetam was developed as a cognitive enhancer and is most widely known and used just that. Both much anecdotal evidence and clinical studies show that piracetam is an effective brain booster, particularly in the areas of memory, concentration, and psychomotor speed.

Taking Piracetam with a choline source and you get one powerful memory enhancer.

It has also been shown to have quite powerful neuroprotective properties.  These properties protect our brains against age-related cognitive decline.


Oxiracetam is another nootropic in the racetam family.  It’s extremely effective with memory and attention span.  Although it improves cognitive function, it wears off quickly and certainly isn’t an all-day affair.  Oxiracetam works great when taking a test or when studying for subjects such as math as opposed to art history.

Taking Oxiracetam improves the ability to think faster and more clearly. This is related to heightened levels of alertness. Observational skills are also improved.

Oxiracetam is especially known for its ability to improve cognitive functioning, but it also has another great benefit as a neuroprotectant.  That means it has the ability to protect our brains keeping them healthy.  But wait!  It also is an antioxidant [2].  Free radicals are waste substances produced by cells as the body processes food and reacts to the environment. If the body cannot process and remove free radicals efficiently, oxidative stress can result.  Antioxidants will scavenge the free radicals.

Magnesiumtrubrain review

Magnesium plays a critical role in brain function and our mood.   Low levels are linked to an increased risk of depression [3]

It is also essential for GABA function, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that produces serotonin. Certain hormones regulated by magnesium are vital for calming the brain and promoting relaxation.  A deficiency of magnesium can lead to insomnia or poor sleep.

Low levels of magnesium or fluctuations in levels have been shown to be associated with high anxiety symptoms.  This is again due to GABA where it binds to and stimulates GABA receptors in the brain [4].


 Its real function is to enhance our Acetylcholine system. Memory and learning are closely associated with acetylcholine and Acetyl-L-carnitine is a precursor of acetylcholine. Now you can see that Acetyl-L-carnitine improves and enhances the brain function of those suffering from cognitive decline especially in the elderly.

Due to its important role in the brain as a supplement for neurotransmitter formation, we come to its effect on our mood.

There have been both animal and human [5] studies done on the effect of Acetyl-L-carnitine on mood. Both studies on human and animals showed a significant improvement after taking the ALCAR.

There has been a review of a number of studies that have recommended a large scale clinical trial be conducted to see exactly who would benefit. However, it has been suggested that Acetyl-L-carnitine can be a very important antidepressant on its own or with other mood enhancers. This would be for those people who cannot tolerate high antidepressant doses [6].


L-Tyrosine has been studied over and over again for many years now and has shown we can significantly boost our cognition while under stressful conditions.  It basically offsets the expected deficits caused by environmental stress situations in the working memory and processing of information.

It appears that L-tyrosine boosts our working memory as tasks become increasingly more challenging.  This is likely because the level of stress is amped up where L-tyrosine works.

In a study on adult volunteers engaged in a mental task that gets progressively challenging found the ones taking the tyrosine did much better on the more difficult levels, but not on the easier levels. [7]


Noopept was designed to improve memory and to prevent age-related cognitive decline and it does very well at these, however, there are more terrific benefits of Noopept.  It works well for anxiety and mood enhancement as well.

One study showed that noopept was much more effective than piracetam as an anxiolytic also helping with irritability [8].

Noopept may also be able to reduce the symptoms of depression.  These claims are still under study.

Noopept has also shown the benefits of improving concentration levels and to enhance focus.


No doubt Uridine is a very powerful nootropic and one not well known enough.  It is a very good neuroprotectant and is extremely important to our lives as it is a component of ribonucleic acid or RNA.

It has been tested and studied enough to show it is a real proven booster of cognition and works well with other nootropics to enhance our memory and learning.

It is also been shown to greatly increase the alertness and focus for those who have problems with them.

If you add choline with omega-3 fatty acid DHA and put them together with uridine this combination starts the brain producing more synapses [9].

How Does Trubrain Work?

The different nootropics in this formula are there for a purpose.  They work together to increase blood flow to the brain giving brain cells more oxygen and glucose..  This results in an increase in brain plasticity and the brain’s now more able to make the new and better connections much faster.

Acetylcholine receptors are more sensitive which results in much faster and better neuron communication.

Finally, magnesium aids in the improvement of communication between brain cells.

This is all about the brain.  Quicker thinking, faster communication, more synapses and increased plasticity are what Trubrain is about.

Side Effects

There are no serious side effects with the use of Trubrain.

There are however the headaches or gastrointestinal problems that are typically associated with too high a dose on a regular basis.  Yes, there are many people who will cheat because supplements are not prescribed so I won’t get hurt mentality.  Not true.

Do not take this along with alcohol as the effects may be increased beyond what you are comfortable with.

If you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to get pregnant, please do not take any nootropics before speaking to your physician.  There are no substantial studies on the long term effects of nootropics on the developing body and brain of infants and children.


    • The drinks, in particular, have drawn a lot of attention, and they have been hailed as something of a revolution in the world of nootropics.
    • Evidence-based individual ingredients
    • Comes in multiple, convenient formats – shot, capsule, snack bar.
    • Created by a team of neurosurgeons


    • Too much sugar
    • The results are not immediate in all cases
    • Some problems with customer service, but anecdotal and not that I can see

Where to Buy it

You can buy TruBrain on their website by clicking below.

Focus More, Try truBrain


To Wrap it Up

This whether it is a drink, a bar or a capsule is a nootropic and therefore everyone responds to them in their own body’s way.  Some may find it works right away, some not.  This in no way means the product does not work.

The ingredients speak to me for what the company has strived for and that is the biggest plus for me knowing that these ingredients bring merit to the product.

Don’t let the drink and bar options put you off, you can eat gummie bears that are marijuana and they work.

I would say, give it a try if you like what you read and are interested.  Reviews are good.

10 thoughts on “TruBrain Review”

  1. I have tried these before and they are really great actually. The only downside is the sugar content. I am curious though if these would also help fight cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s? Now that would be a good reason as well to take nootropics. It does not run in the family, but as I get older that is my biggest fear, loosing my memory.  My mom passed away at 62 and I can remember that she would sometimes ask the same question 2 or 3 or 4 times.  I can see this would help that?  

    • Many nootropics have benefits for what is generally called age-related cognitive decline which includes general dementia and Alzheimer’s

  2. What a fascinating review! I had not heard of this product before reading this post and found all kinds of interesting facts! I am contemplating purchasing this for myself. I like how you included the pros and cons and provided every angle on how effective it is. I am one who feels that I could truly benefit from it. I appreciate you taking to time to inform us all!

  3. This is a great topic and I’ve been longing to see something like this based on some questions I’ve been curious about. As a smart drug that improve cognitive functions such as problem solving skills, receiving, choosing, transforming, storing, processing and retrieval of information, this made me wonder if such drugs can be used to correct cognitive disabilities which includes autism, Down Syndrome, and even dementia, with less severe cognitive conditions including attention deficit disorder (ADD), dyslexia (difficulty reading), dyscalculia (difficulty with math), and learning disabilities in general. 

    • To answer your question, nootropics can help with ADD and ADHD.  They also lessen the effects of dementia, but they aren’t a fix.  Things like Downs are not really affected by nootropics either.  Learning disabilities in the way that nootropics speed up our brain, help us focus better, give us better concentration etc.

  4. Thanks for this information about TruBrain. I wish I had known about NooTropics while I was at university because I definitely would have tried them out to concentrate on assignments a little better. I always struggled with coffee because of the negative effects of caffeine like increased heart rate and jitteriness like you mentioned.

    Although I am currently in the process of starting my own business and a bit of increased concentration couldn’t hurt, i’m definitely thinking about trying some nootropics out. TruBrain seems like a good option.

    • I have all of the best nootropics listed, fully reviewed, talked about and researched here.  You can also get them here 🙂

  5. As someone who is approaching the Big 5-0 I am definitely interested in anything that could help me with my memory. There is a lot of info in this post, and I will definitely be looking deeper into the recommendations you give here. Trubrain seems to be the best of the nootropics. But can you let me know which has the best effect? The capsules or the drink? Is one faster working than the other?

    • Both capsules and drink end up in your stomach and so take the same time to make it into the blood stream to your brain.

      Just use whichever one you want 🙂

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