Vinpocetine Benefits – A Great Vasodilator!

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Introduction to Vinpocetine and it’s Benefitsvinpocetine benefits

Today is about vinpocetine benefits and more.  Vinpocetine is another plant that has been used for hundreds of years for a variety of reasons. Europe is where it is most popular, but now it is slowly coming across the pond to North America although is still lesser-known here.

Vinpocetine derives from Periwinkle, sold in Germany as a prescription drug under the name Cavinton. It is known for its health properties of vasodilation (expands blood vessels) and cognitive enhancement. It is widely used to sharpen memory and for memory disorders and can do so in both the memory impaired and those with a healthy brain [1] [2].

How Does it Work

There have been many studies and papers written that show Vinpocetine effective in preventing and improving many of our different ailments. It does enhance cognitive function including long and short term memory.

Vinpocetine is a natural vasodilator responsible in part for improved blood flow to the brain and the rest of our body as well as facilitating cerebral metabolism. In simpler terms, it dilates our blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through them. The benefit of this is more oxygen to the brain. The effect of all of this is outlined in the benefits I’ll go over in the article. They include enhanced cognitive function, our long and short term memory and more.

Vinpocetine Benefits


Cerebral Circulation Booster


So now we know that Vinpocetine is a natural vasodilator. It relaxes blood vessels to allow better blood circulation throughout our body and our brain. Not only is it very good at this, but it does it quickly. You can get effective results almost right away from taking one 5mg dose. Pretty remarkable.

Concentration and Focus

Focus and concentration were looked at as possible benefits of the nootropic supplement largely because of its ability to improve blood flow in the brain without dropping blood pressure. It was discovered that it can enhance these areas because of better blood flow. The brain becomes more efficient and our focus and concentration are enhanced [3]

Memory Enhancement and Cognitive Function Improvement

Those with Alzheimer’s disease, history of stroke, and age-related memory decline show enhanced brain function and cognitive ability when taking Vinpocetine.. Once again this comes due to the ability of vinpocetine to increase blood flow to all areas of the Brain including the damaged areas. In Europe where it is used frequently, 75-80% of sufferers show improvements.

In one study involving 42 elderly patients with cerebral dysfunction, they were given 10mg 3x/day for a period of 30 days and then 5mg 3x/day for 60 days. Another 42 were given a placebo.

The results showed those who were given vinpocetine scored better consistently on the Clinical Global Impression scale or CGI for short.

There was a study involving mice where neurons in their brains were damaged so that hippocampus function And long-term potentiation were prevented.

The mice were given vinpocetine and there was a complete recovery of long term potentiation and memory function [4]

Mood Enhancementvinpocetine benefits

There have been studies conducted that show Vinpocetine may improve our moods, lower anxiety levels, and feelings of well-being [5]

The reason for this is thought to revolve around vinpocetine’s extraordinary ability to increase blood flow throughout the body and brain as well as reduce inflammation and increase glucose metabolism.

Antioxidant Neuroprotection

Free radical damage has in many studies shown to be linked to cognitive decline, but vinpocetine as a powerful antioxidant and great free radical removal ability which gets even stronger with larger dosages.

Vinpocetine and Motion Sickness

There are some people who swear by vinpocetine for motion sickness. However, that hasn’t bee too well studied. There was a study done with 8 volunteers who were given the supplement while in a rotating chamber for 5 hours. The results were compared to being given a single dose of scopolamine or a placebo. Scopolamine is a very common motion sickness remedy. The result was that taking vinpocetine was indeed effective in preventing motion sickness [6].

The Effect of Vinpocetine on Eye Health

This is not an area that has been well researched, however, there is data that suggests that vinpocetine may promote eye health.

Studies are lean, but in one study of 40 volunteers who had different types of age-related macular degeneration, half were given 10mg/day of vinpocetine and the other half receiving a placebo. This went on for two months. After the trial period, the recipients of the vinpocetine had a much improved visual acuity and retinal functioning and increased ocular blood flow.


Vinpocetine’s Effectiveness on seizures is not clear because of a lack of data as not many studies have been performed or conclusive evidence found.

However, one study that included 41 children with intracranial birth trauma and seizures were given either vinpocetine along with their standard treatment, or a placebo and their standard treatment. The study lasted one year and found that the group receiving the vinpocetine had a reduction in their seizures [7]

Vinpocetine May Treat Headaches

Vinpocetine has this ability to be a vasodilator enhancing and increasing blood flow throughout the body and brain. This may be a factor when talking about its ability to reduce headaches caused by excessive pressure. However, it may not be such a surprise because vinpocetine has been traditionally used as a headache remedy [8].


Dosing With Vinpocetine is somewhat personal in nature. Do you want to take it for your vision? How about your athletic performance? Do you want it for your hearing? How you take it how much you take is dependant on your goal.

Most people do very well taking 10-30mg/day although some do well, taking 40mg/day. This is for general cognition. It is suggested to start low and after a few weeks work up to the 30-40mg/day dose.

You will always get results depending on how much you take. Vinpocetine’s benefits are very dose-related, but only up to 40mg/day. If you try more than the 40mg/day you won’t see any more benefit from taking the higher dose. In fact, you may likely find the effects diminish as if you lowered your dose.

Side Effects

Vinpocetine is a well-studied supplement and has been found to be pretty well tolerated and no serious side effects are known. The most common one may be nausea and perhaps vomiting that will go away by lowering the dosage, or a headache, again, it will disappear after you lower the dosage.

Drug Interactions

There are some drugs that Vinpocetine may interact with including blood thinners such as over the counter aspirin or ibuprofen and prescription warfarin, naproxen, and heparin. It is advisable to not take these altogether or speak to your physician first.

Where to Buy

Vinpocetine can be purchased in many places both online and in stores. You can also purchase it from Pure Nootropics or by clicking the bottle to the right.

To Wrap It Up

Not many people will put their hands up if asked if they have ever heard of Vinpocetine, but you will after reading this (LOL). It really is a far lesser-known nootropic supplement.

Despite this, It has some really great cognitive benefits and it’s the ability to provide protection to our brain. It is stackable and easy to get.

This is a good nootropic for anyone who wants any of the benefits listed above in this article.

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  1. This is my first time of hearing about this drug. All the benefits mentioned in this post boost my interest in the drug. I agree with the side effects. Drug dose must always be base on actually measurements that the body system can welcome. My uestion is- is the drug not too strong for a patient with migraine?

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