Why Take Natural Brain Supplements?

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Nootropics supplementsIntroduction to Natural Brain Supplements

Let’s start with a brief description of what nootropics or natural brain supplements are. First, they are substances, other cognitive enhancers, but mostly they are supplements that improve our energy, our focus, our motivation and even creativity. So why take natural brain supplements? I think I just answered that one. People take them to increase their cognitive performance in the areas mentioned above. Simple.

If you are reading this text and are just learning about nootropics then you are going to hear this word mentioned a lot. It is important to know the definition of cognitive and the dictionary defines cognitive below.

of, relating to, being, or involving conscious intellectual activity (such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering)

Nootropics aren’t a new thing, but in recent years they have actually been very exciting with plenty to think about. There are a few reasons why nootropics are becoming more of a household word.

  • The vast majority of nootropics are 100% natural product that leaves little or no side-effects
  • Not only do nootropics give you a quick boost when you need it, but now many are proving to have positive long-lasting effects on our brain.
  • Nootropics give you a bit of an extra performance boost in many areas

In general, nootropics actual changes in our brains to help improve cognitive function. I must say this, however. To get the most out of these supplements, you have to be fairly healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. Nootropics aren’t something to take to fix you if you are already living a poor lifestyle. So combining them with good daily physical activity, plenty of sleep, and a healthy diet you can achieve maximum benefits from taking them.

So who takes nootropics? Well, again that’s simple. Just about everyone can and do. Students who want to excel at their best, athletes who want to perform at their best without using illegal performance-enhancing substances, professionals in business. The vast majority of people who can take nootropics are people who want to add something to a healthy lifestyle.

So we’ve gone over in general what nootropics are, but Let’s go over quickly what they are not. This is important because of our quick fix, want a high, want something else to do it for me attitude these days. Nootropics are not:

  • A magic pill or pills that will make you more intelligent (increase IQ)
  • something you can pop anytime you want. There are guidelines in place
  • an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. I say lifestyle because a healthy lifestyle is what we all need anyway.

Why Take Them?


Some nootropics can give you a quick but temporary quick burst of what you need. If you use them regularly for a long period you will see a dramatic improvement.

Now, because researchers are discovering new things about nootropics all the time, debunking a few things, my list of specific reasons we should take them can change in the future.

Motivation from natural brain supplements1. Increased Productivity and Motivation

This is a big one and one big reason a lot of people take nootropics. They can increase your motivation, increase your focus, and improve your mood. With a better mood comes a lot of other improvements including overall productivity. This is probably the main reason why many entrepreneurs, high-level business people, students etc, use nootropics.

2. Improved Mood

People with anxiety and everyone who suffers from anxiety from time to time will benefit from taking nootropics. You will find yourself relaxed more than ever and your overall life will improve greatly.

3. Improved Memory and Focus

Nootropics can and do directly influence your memory and focus. Short term memory is one area that nootropics help. As we get older we tend to forget what we came into the room for. Taking these supplements greatly improves this and short term memory overall.

4. Improved Sleep Patterns

Sleep issues are on the rise in the last decade and continue to increase. There are a lot of demands on our lives whether it is career related, family related, or just self-pressure related. We don’t seem to be willing to address these problems in society and the result is a huge part of our population is sleep deprived. Nootropics and there are several of them have the ability to improve your sleep quality because of the anxiety that leaves us awake.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into this list and expand each one of them

1. Productivity & Motivation

Short Bursts of Intense Brain Power

In everyone’s’ daily lives there is the regular routines, the ones that don’t even raise our heart rate and we go about them Improved focus from Nootropic natural brain supplements

almost on autopilot. Then there are the unexpected ones that increase your intensity. You know the ones that tend to frazzle you? You still need to perform and you need a way to do it fast. In my off time I am heavily involved in managing a soccer team and just when I think I can relax, something drops on my plate that needs a solution fast, like in an hour.

These situations can defeat you and you may find you have nothing left to give and you simply can’t get it done.

There are nootropics that can help in those cases. They provide a cognitive boost (there’s that word again) that allows you to get control and manage your situation.

Other situations related to this such as student exams can be managed by these supplements as well.

Long periods of productive work


The other side of the coin is the long-lasting nootropic effect. Most of our work is done with intensity over a longer period.

There are nootropic stacks developed specifically for this type of work. If you are in the middle of a project and it’s going to take a long time with a lot of concentration, there are nootropics for you.


2. Focus & Memory

How is our memory? Not bad. Everyone has a great memory for something but poor memory for something else. We are all different, but nootropics can help every one of us.

Alpha GPC and other Cholines (that I wrote about in an earlier post)are there for our long and short term memory as well as other things, but their main purpose is memory and focus.

3. Our Mood

caffeine/L-theanine are two very popular nootropics that have been proven to provide benefits such as a better mood.

4. Sleep Improvement

The nootropics we are concerned with here are Gaba (an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system), Melatonin (a hormone, produced by the pineal gland among other locations, which regulates wakefulness), and magnesium.

When taking these nootropics people report being much more relaxed which allows your brain to relax and you get better and deeper sleep. With a relaxed mind if you suffer from nightmares they may weaken or be fewer and fewer. With a better sleep, you naturally perform better the next day and have better behaviours as well.

5. Brain Health

Taking care of our brains should be a high priority in our lives, but we naturally and probably in some cases naively treat it poorly. There are a variety of nootropics that can provide support and improve our overall brain health

27 thoughts on “Why Take Natural Brain Supplements?”

  1. I think NZT made Nootropics famous. I think my brain need all the help it can get. Using supplements to help you function is a no brainer (pardon the pun). Your brain is always on until you die and always working even when you are sleeping. I think that any safe and effective boost you can give to your brain is well worth it,

    I think the main point for me is the better sleep quality. I think everyone knows what its like to be sleep deprived and have to wake up the next day and do stuff as opposed to getting a good nights rest and waking up prepared to enjoy the day.

  2. This is incredible,  I am really hearing this for the first time  in my life.  I never knew there are suplements that can improve the human cognitive abilities.  As good as it sound are there not long term effects on humans?  Do you think it is absolutely safe without affecting the body. 

    If there are no side effects,  then how often should one take it.  

    • They are nutrients and supplements so are very safe so no worries at all.  Each blend has it’s own dosage based on amounts of elements in them

  3. This sounds like something very interesting that I have never heard of before.  I read every word in your article with great interest.  It says natural brain supplements.  Do they interfere with other prescriptions?  Could you give me a name so I know what Im looking for?  Also, where would I find them.  I cant wait for these answers because it sounds like something that would be beneficial to myself and my wife.

    • Glad you are very interested.  You can find a small generic selection at health food stores, but not necessarily the best ones out there.  Online is your best choice depending on how you narrow your needs down.  Do that first and then do a google and read. 

      There are some very good ones sellers have on Amazon so just check out the reviews and decide.  I did a review just a few days ago on Onnit Alpha Brain Review so you can check this very well rounded Nootropic out.

      Supplements in general don’t interfere with prescription drugs, but you do have to be sure and speak to your physician first.

  4. I have terrible trouble focusing on tasks at hand sometimes, I thought that it might be my age but I’m only 39 and I shouldn’t be losing it yet, should I? Lol

    I have been taking multivitamins for years now and even omega 3 which I thought was good for brain stimulation but as I’m reading this post it seems like they are amongst a load of other natural brain supplements that I could be taking.

    I suffered from a heart attack last year so I’m always dubious about trying new supplements without knowing if they will affect my current medication, Can you recommend something that would work for me?


  5. I’m getting old and my memory is failing me. I try to organize my tasks and my stuff to minimize forgetting what I need to do.

    I also write down in my calendar things that I need to do.

    I try to eat healthy and learn everyday by reading so my brain is always working.

    I haven’t tried brain supplements, maybe one day I will.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Hi Stew, interesting. I have heard about nootropics, I know they often contain caffeine. And I always wondered if they can lead to addiction? When you are used to taking these activity and energy pills, can you function in a normal way when you stop it again? Or do you get so used by the boost, that you need to take them eventually before every activity?


    • Not every blend has caffeine.  Yes you hear that quite a bit because everyone wants to jump all over everything that contains an energy booster. 

      Of the many that don’t contain caffeine, there will be no withdrawal symptoms because they are not addictive.  Once you stop you function as you did before you took them. 🙂

  7. Hi, 

    I was impressed with your article, I did not know that there were these natural supplements that can help our brain work better. 

    In my case with 60 years I feel that my memory is not the same.

    I also observe a lack of motivation. 

    I live in Argentina I will thank you for giving me the name or brand of the supplement I should buy. 

    Thank you so much! 


  8. Wow, friend,

    What a new discovery you have introduced to me today. I have never heard about the world nootropics  before in my life. I never knew there is something natural that can boost out cognitive level to a higher degree. This sounds like something every single individual should take. 

    For the sake of my business as an entrepreneur, I think I will consider getting these natural brain supplement to help me work efficiently. I like the fact that you said they are natural and as a result has some few or NO side effect at all.

    The works these natural brain supplements do are many from what I read. from helping you increase your productivity, motivation, focus and even improving your mode. I think this aspect will really be good in combating anxieties as you rightly said.

    Since you did mentioned there are regulations in using these nootropics , my question is, if I want to get some, how do I get it and what do I need to do to be able to get it? I really need this friend, please assist me. I have even bookmarked your article for future reference

    Looking forward to your reply.


    • These are supplements and therefore can be purchased anywhere supplements are sold.  However, online you will find the most variety and the best rated.

  9. There are many benefits to taking natural brain supplements like nootropic. But like you say there needs to be a healthy lifestyle for them to work to their full potential. They would help loads of people. I do suffer with anxiety, so this would help me in those occasions.

  10. I appreciate the information you give that these supplements do not ‘fix’ a bad lifestyle. If you want to benefit from them, you need to be healthy. That’s really good info. These seem to have really good effects, but I don’t fully understand what they are. You mention supplements, so would fish oil be an example of a nootropic?

    • No it wouldn’t.  Nootropics are essentially cognitive enhancers.  They are drugs and supplements designed to affect the brain in for motivation, alertness, concentration, focus, energy etc.

  11. I have seen this word, nootropics but never get the chance to check it out. So glad I caught your article and you have explained it very well. I totally agree with you that everything starts with a healthy lifestyle. No matter how many types of supplement we take, it will not help if we ourselves are not taking care of our body. Thanks for improving my knowledge.

  12. This blog talk about the importance of natural brain supplements to upgrade your brain health instantly and when used regularly it helps your brain functions better. 

    While reading this article I some how felt these are life style supplements helping us in the time we actually need and otherwise as well. Tests and anxiety I see it now. My daughter is in a condition, so much anxious about her test coming and the grades of this exam will make her career or break. She is unable to sleep peacefully at night. I will tell her to consider this temporarily.

    The world is running a multi-tasking mode and each task operating in a linear function. I read somewhere the brain is designed to handle one at a time. I am just this natural supplements may help handling the brain better.

    Everyone needs it at some point of life but older people will get more benefits. 

    It is a highly useful post and hope it reaches out to everyone to take the benefits of natural brain supplement. I feel lucky to be a part reading and writing my comments about it.

    • In what you say, she could probably benefit from a nootropic.  The world is so fast paced these days that keeping up is getting harder and harder.

      Thanks so much for your interest and comment

  13. Before reading this post, I had no idea what nootropics even was, after reading this I am very interested in learning even more about nootropics and all of the benefits.Who wouldn’t want something that could help improve so many different things.  I would love to increase my productivitiy, improve my mood, memory, focus and sleep patterns.  I think we all should want a healthy brain.

  14. This is the first I am hearing about nootropics. I would have liked to hear about the plants or other other sources of these suppliments. Caffeine was mentioned as one of “extracts” used. As far as I know, caffaine is a drug that – though it provides some calmimg effects to the brain – in the long run, leaves a constant user debilitated. Though a healthy lifestyle is emphasized, if any of these suppliments alter brain function, then I would stay away from them and encourage others to do the same. If we are practicing that healthy lifestyle, then we will find all that we need for healthy body function in the foods we eat. Just my two cents.

    • I full understand, however caffeine is one of a large number of nootropics and is one simply because it acts on the brain.  I don’t take caffeine in any shape or form.  No coffee, no soft drinks etc.

      I don’t know of any long term effects of caffeine that don’t permanently wear off fairly quickly.

      Thank you very much for your comment and your two cents worth is appreciated

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