Why You Should Take Nootropics

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The Start of Nootropics

I’ll start with the origins of nootropics and what they are actually defined as. Back in 1972 psychologist and also a chemist named Corneliu E. Giurgea first created a synthetic supplement intended to

give users a cognitive boost. What he created was the nootropic called Piracetam which incidentally was intended for the treatment of motion sickness. Later came the realization that it had brain boosting properties and this is why you should take nootropics. From there the standards on what supplements could be considered nootropics was born.

Most researchers don’t quite know how these substances work on our brain, however We do know that they increase blood flow to the brain, and promote neurotransmitter production. This helps a lot in making our brains work more efficiently.

He stated nootropics should have the following properties:

  • Enhanced learning and memory
  • Should help brain resist conditions that disrupt learned behaviors and memories.
  • Protect the brain from physical and chemical injuries
  • Increase tonic, cortico-subcortical ‘control’
  • Should lack the usual pharmacology of other psychotropic drugs by way of few side effects and a low toxicity level.
  • Help us be less distracted
  • Enhance wakefulness

In short Corneliu Giurgea defined nootropics as a product that has only a positive effect on learning and memory without any negative consequences and will also guard against negative consequences.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what nootropics are and are intended to, here are more specific reasons why people take nootropics:

  • Productivity (getting things’ done)
  • Health, well-being, exercise
  • Getting rid of Brain Fog
  • Improving our memory
  • Boosting our energy
  • improving our focus
  • Decreasing symptoms of anxiety

Productivity and Health, well-being and exercise are two main topics that include many others so let’s talk about these first.


Nootropics work well on providing us a with better concentration which will allow us to be more productive with less cognitive effort. For example, heavy assignments in university require a lot of concentration over long periods of time. Perhaps studying for year-end exams. These are areas where nootropics such as Pramiracetam, Phebylpiracetam, and Huperzine A are very beneficial alone or in stacks.

If you need a sudden short duration burst of mental performance like when you are suddenly faced with a difficult deadline you weren’t expecting? Nootropics such as Aniracetam and Noopept are good choices in situations like this.

Health, well-being, and exercise

Here is where a clear mind comes in. When I am at the gym, I do groups of exercises for time (Crossfit) and to get through them the way I want, with good form and motivation, nootropics will be a great benefit to me. I feel alive, motivated, clear-headed and simply ready to go.

It has always been said that nootropics are mainly used by healthy people who want to get an edge over what they already have as illustrated above. There are other benefits of nootropics that really help people with some sort of cognitive decline, or injury such as general dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. They can also help by acting as a neuroprotective in protecting the brain allowing people to live life to their best.

Noopept really is a great nootropic and comes in handy here. It can and is used as a pre-workout supplement for those in high energy gym routines. It gives you a feeling of resilience and increased willpower.

Another is Citocoline or CDP-Choline. This nootropic helps with your neuroplasticity and neurogenesis for your mental and physical health.

L-Theanine is another. It is known for its calming effect which helps in your feeling of well-being and control while keeping you balanced. My earlier article covers this wonderful natural nootropic in depth. It is very well-known as a key ingredient in green tea.

Often with an active lifestyle as well as other things’ comes the need to regulate your sleep patterns more effectively or just to help you fall asleep at night. Melatonin is where it’s at for this. The melatonin we can take is a synthetic version of what is natural in our bodies.

I have just covered in a brief example of some obvious general categories most of us fall under making understanding nootropics a little better. Now onto some more specific reasons to take nootropics.

More Specifically

Improving Our Memory

Memory is effected and myriad of ways. It can be effected by stress, lack of sleep, not eating properly, anxiety, and depression just to name a few.

Nootropics give our brains the needed nutrients required to improve its functioning, ongoing maintenance, and also help prevent or lessen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Lessen Our Anxiety

Anxiety is a fact of life. We all have it from time to time and is caused by more reasons than I can write down here. Some of us suffer more generalized anxiety than others, some have chronic anxiety, and some have social anxiety.

Anxiety can be vert debilitating and cause our cortisol levels to go up which in turn causes our stress level to go up and so on. This is where nootropics can come in to play.

They can help balance the uptake of chemicals released by our bodies when we are stressed. When this happens, we get out of the vicious circle or upping our anxiety by minimizing our reactions to stress. Once this happens, our daily lives improve dramatically with clear minds, less sleep deprivation, and the ability to clear the mud between our ears and concentrate better.

Eliminate Brain Fog

Brain fog! Who hasn’t’s experienced it raise their hand. No one? Of course. We all experience brain fog from time to time. It’s a feeling where we are flat, uninterested, can’t concentrate, think clearly or make decisions. It’s a time when we are better served by staying inside.

Brain fog is another problem we experience that is caused by many things’. Just like most things’ here we include lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, and improper diet.

Getting rid of brain fog can be as simple as straightening the causes I listed above, or through nootropics. Nootropics come in and help increase blood flow to our brains which in turn gives our brains more oxygen. A better perfused brain means a clearer head.

Nootropics such as Noopept, Huperzine Alpha GPC, and Modafinil fit the bill here.

List of Some Good Nootropics


Modafinil is originally designed for use in narcolepsy. It is illegal in some countries and ‘by prescription’ in many others. Make no mistake, Modafinil is a powerful synthetic drug.

It is very effective at boosting our cognition with little side effects. Mental alertness is increased and we are able to make better high level decisions.

I have written an article all about Modafinil you can read here.


Piracetam improves both our short and long-term memory by boosting the production of Acetylcholine as well as protecting the brain’s cell membranes.

It works by making our brains process glucose more efficiently.

Bacopa Monnieri

It is mainly used to increase your brain power naturally and to help against anxiety. The anti-anxiety effects decrease ones stress symptoms and at the same time creates a feeling of calmness. Having these qualities makes it a great general relaxant and quality sleep promoter. People who take Bacopa Monnieri wake up feeling fully rested and refreshed.



Huperzine A is very useful because of its ability to inhibit an enzyme in our brains that breaks down an important chemical known as Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is very important for our memories and our learning ability.

While Huperzine A is closely associated with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia as well as depression, Huperzine A can be used by people who are ‘brain healthy’. It is a potent memory enhancement supplement and can help you think more clearly.


What is choline most beneficial for? Choline helps in the process of methylation, which is used to create DNA, for nerve signaling, and for detoxification. It is also important for the functioning of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps nerves communicate with each other and make muscles do their job. It is also an anti aging neurotransmitter.

Awakened Alchemy (Stack)

Awakened Alchemy is rudely a great notropic stack.  It features a unique list of potent and clinically proven nootropics. Most are natural, some synthetic.  They are all very effective in their own ways working well together for a well rounded nootropic.

Putting it all Together

There is no dispute that nootropics work and are reliable however they are subtle in nature. For this reason it is important to start slowly and listen to your body. This is also another reason people

use nootropics. They want to feel a more ‘natural’ improvement. When this happens we feel a more natural ability to concentrate more, have better mood that feels natural, we can be more productive making us happy and fulfilled with our day. Suffering with social anxiety seems to melt and our social life improves.

Nootropics give us these abilities without the drunk feeling of alcohol to numb our brains into submission or the hyped up and crash down of caffeine.

We take them because they don’t change who we are. Antidepressants and other drugs change us and our personalities while we are on them, nootropics don’t.

This is why people take nootropics. Have a good day.

7 thoughts on “Why You Should Take Nootropics”

  1. Nootropics sound like a dream drug. I don’t know many people who couldn’t do with their brain working more efficiently. I know for one I could do with it. However, my main worry about any supplements and medicines is that I will get addicted because that’s the last thing I want happening. I always like to have the option of not taking. Do you know if it is addictive?

  2. This sounds like a supplement that can help to boost my productivity as I try to juggle between working a full-time job and blogging. It’s really tough to keep my mind sharp and focus when I don’t have much physical strength left. Honestly, I’ve not heard of nootropics before. 

    Are there any side-effects that I should be aware of and do I need a physician second opinion or prescription before I use it? Thanks for the heads up. 

  3. I suffer from anxiety from time to time and I’m interested in these Nootropic smart drugs. When I’m anxious my focus is not good and for what I do for a living I need to be focused. I’m going to try the Bacopa Monnieri drug and see if that helps with my anxiety. Thank you for this informative article. I didn’t know there were so many different types of Nootropics on the market these days. If the Bacopa Monnieri works I will probably try some of the other ones that you mentioned.

  4. Hi, I just recently discovered nootropics and have been trying to learn more about it.    This article and it’s explanations have certainly increased my understanding on nootropics.    I didn’t realize that brain fog is actually a real condition also.  

    For years, I have used Dr. Pepper and/or coffee to give me that mental lift that I wanted.  As result, I became addicted to the need for both.   If I don’t get that caffeine source I end up with headaches.   Both products have also been rough on my teeth.   The funny thing is that I was initially resistant to the idea of nootropics because I don’t want to be taking pills.  I would rather eat or drink my vitamins and minerals.    Yet Dr. Peppers and coffee, with lots of sugar and creamer, certainly isn’t a healthy way of getting the things that give me that little edge.  

    Well, I will certainly be visiting your site more to continue learning about which nootropics would be most beneficial for my lifestyle.  Thanks! 

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